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My Brain is Returning to Life

14 May

schedule posterizedA mere 9 days post final.  I had seriously worked so hard on Audiometry that I really couldn’t focus on anything when the test was over.  Not for over a week = BAD.  I did, however, force myself to apply to summer jobs, but the process was very painstaking and tedious.  I had to struggle for the motivation, struggle for every word, and MAKE myself get it done.  I can’t say my whole heart was in it.  I’m actually writing right now to prove to myself that my motivation level is on the upswing.  If you can’t make it, fake it.  But I think that it actually IS on the up & up.

And I thought I would feel like cleaning after the semester, but that was also to strenuous for my brain.  I forced myself to put away my winter wardrobe.  Which didn’t exactly turn out awesome, because now I’m concerned I didn’t pack it right, and I didn’t odor lock it at all.  So my snowboard pants are likely to smell like the inside of my heavy-duty boots.  Not great.  And now I have to unpack, only to repack the winter items correctly.

But today I felt like I turned a corner.  My job applications felt easier, the words came more naturally.  I even cleaned and organized the art supplies.  I really want to start getting ahead on my big AuD application and all the components, as well as review Phonetics and study on NeuroAnatomy to help myself for the fall.  I am always glad I did some things over the summer, because fall always turns into a stressful time of a lot of studying and projects.  So I’m mentally preparing to beging some of that stuff tomorrow.  In small, manageable chunks of course.

Things to consider as First Step to Big Projects:

-study/draw/color/create brain things in a fun, relaxed way

-brainstorm the personal essay–using the school’s guidelines

-bookmark all GRE & transcript request sites

-Type a timeline for me and guideline for letter writers (rough drafts, at least)



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