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hearing pathway screening idea

17 May

This is a draft from when I helped with family weekend hearing screenings.  It was really popular, but the screening itself takes some time.  There ended up being a huge line.  Which was OK, because we were working in pairs.  The gal with me was kinda slow at the screenings, and I was sending people up the stairs after doing the hearing handicap inventory.  But people still stacked up, so I had to sing, dance, and entertain the line, saying everything I ever learned about the ear and hearing on the fly.  It was a great learning experience for me–but there’s room for improvement in the process.

It would have been awesome if I had thought of this prior to today: Every landing of the stairs (or distance in the hallway, or general ear anatomywhatever) is a section of the ear! We have posters, models, and/or a person there taking about that section, so the people progress to the screening booth as if they were sound traveling through the anatomy of the ear.

The first floor we go through the outer ear, 2nd floor middle ear, 3rd floor inner ear, and 4th floor auditory pathway. Then, people could understand the pathway of sound–and it would take up more time for the person doing the screenings.

Next time, next time. . .

walk about day 2 003 copy

Something I love about a Riverpoint professor (you don’t see this everyday!):  I e-mailed this idea to this professor that has her hand in most of the extracurricular activities at school.  You name it, she’s involved, leading it, or done it in the past.  So I’m sure she’s seen a lot of plans fall apart, knows the ins and outs of the system and any attempted projects.  I e-mailed this idea to her–and instead of instantly shooting it down, saying they tried it before and it wouldn’t work, or writing me back why it would be impossible (all very regular responses my ideas were confronted with at EVERY veterinary job) she said, “Great, creative ideas!”

Which I thought was awesome.  It makes me want to TRY to make the idea work, and opens the door to future ideas.  Instead of past work idea-rejections which just made me stop giving suggestions or talking about my ideas.  Which in the end, stagnates progress and shuts-down good suggestions before they even become a full-thought.  So I really like that about this professor/advisor/leader, and I think it is part of why activites she puts together are successful.

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