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I’m Not Sure We Can Move to Colorado :-[

19 May

I made the mistake of looking into Colorado housing.  And found out that we’re screwed.  Because we have 2 cats it severely limits our choices.  And I absolutely will in no way get ride of either cat!  I feel the former doesn’t even need to be said, but just in case someone was going to suggest it.  So the cats limit us to a studio starting at a minimum of $700/month.  We pay less that $600 now.  And I will be in school full-time so I won’t be able to work.

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But we don’t qualify for section 8 government-subsidized housing either (as far as I can tell, I’m no lawyer) because all part-time or full-time students are ineligible.  And really ineligible–even if I lived in the house and Cool applied to it–we’d both be denied because I’m a student.  Even if I can somehow get around the student thing, I don’t know how they are defining “family” so I’m not sure how Cool and I would apply.  And all the info pages are really jargony so I’m not clear on what it’s saying about all the stipulations and procedures.


I looked far away from the campus town and the story is the same.  Until you get to Colorado Springs at the very bottom of the state, far, far away from AuD programs I need.


And I looked into University housing.  You can have pet-friendly dorms, where everyone must be a student to live there.  OR you have family-friendly apartments of university-houses that allow a spouse–but no pets.  But I e-mailed the residence hall association, so maybe I’ll get good news and my whole family can live in some sort of university apartment or house. . .


And you’ve already read about our terrible TERRIBLE luck with roommates in my Seattle blog entries, so I’m very hesitant to get into that scene again–especially while trying to excel in my AuD program, and especially with 2 cats to take care of.  I in no way want to deal with slobby, partying, drinking, drugging, or crazy roomies.  The frat house and my 12th street bedroom were awful, costly situations.  And much of the reason we moved HERE.


I don’t know if I’m able to have loans in excess of my tuition.  And I don’t know who to talk to when I’m not even a student yet–the internet doesn’t really say, because it largely depends on your FAFSA.  It wouldn’t be an optimal solution, but if I could get a loan to cover housing, we could move AND my family can stay together.  But we can’t go at all if it means some sort of emergency situation where we’re forced to give up the cats, separate, or be homeless.  Which is what it sort of looks like to me now.


So now I’m panicked about moving and don’t even know if it’s a possibility anymore.  Which means my AuD program also isn’t a possibility, because the closest one is Seattle, which has the same or worse housing situation.  I feel bad and stressed out!

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-What are students supposed to do for housing?

-How do people move to a new state and find jobs and housing?

I just went from excited to leave to worried, worried, worried!

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