AuD Research Topics

23 May

I have been looking into the research emphasis for UNC so I can tailor my personal statement.  It’s all about meshing your goals with your dream school’s current projects.  So here’s what I found:

hair cells 1

Central Neurophysiological Markers Underlying Degraded Speech Recognition

Optimization of FSP and HDCIS: Influence on Speech Perception

Vestibulo-ocular Reflex and Functional Balance Correlates of Agingcampus_rec UNC bears

Neurophysiological Indicators of Early-Stage Cognitive Decline

Concentration-Dependent Effects of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins on Atoh1 college what i really doExpression During Avian Hair Cell Regeneration

Mechanisms Underlying Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity in the Auditory Brainstem

The Effect of Active Listening on Cochlear Mechanics in Children

Objective Measures of Fatigue in Children with and Without Hearing Loss

Characterizing Effects of Fatigue Following Physical Exertion on Dynamic Visual Acuity Test in Collegiate AthletesMaico MA-25 audm

Tablet Audiometry: Accurate Enough for Clinical Use?

Noise-induced Hearing Loss Alters Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Activity in Rats

Repeatability and Stability of Medial Olivocochlear Reflex Effects on Short- and Long-latency Transient-evoked Otoacoustic Emissions

Musical Experience and Hearing Loss: Perceptual, Cognitive and Neural Benefits 

maculae 1Further Developing the Auditory Nerve Overlapped Waveform (ANOW) as an Objective Measure of Low-Frequency Hearing

Development of a Head Shake Postural Control Protocol for Potential Use in Concussion Assessment

cVEMP Measures in Adolescents

Speech-evoked Envelope Following Responses as an Objective Aided Outcome Measure

Onset-Offset N1-P2 Response Comparisons: A Possible Index for Tinnitus Verificationinner ear 2

Attitudes of Audiologists Toward Individuals with Multiple Disabilities

Proliferation Patterns in Zebrafish Neuromasts Following Cisplatin Toxicity


And a little easier to decipher–here’s what came up when I pasted each name into Google Scholar:

Kathryn Bright = stuff on spontaneous OAE

-**Deanne Meinke = noise-induced hearling loss (shooting range, mp3, classrm); DPOAEs

Tina Stoody = auditory electrophysiology (whatever that is. . .)

Jennifer Weber = (common name) but maybe h-aid gain, possibly some chemistry-sounding compound stuff or genetics, digital noise reduction for better background noise level.

-**Robert Traynor = HL in aging ppl, personal style & h-aid fitting, dx & rehab of elders in facilities, 

-*Daniel Ostergren = case study of classrm acoustics (+handbook acoustic accessability), tag team parenting, 

Gustav Mueller = EZ method to calc AI, digital noise reduction & background noise, affects of amplification on tinnitus, lots of stuff about amplification, AI, and speech-sciency-looking topics

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