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May Goal Accountability

31 May

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily.

Yup.  And since I have no income I’m just going to put my worry on hold for missing annual dental cleanings.  I don’t like it, but I can’t do anything about it right now either. . .

-drink water.

I drank 8 cups a day pretty readily until last week, then for whatever, it because difficult to get the 2nd half in.  So I’m trying to finish my 8 first thing in the morning so it’s over with.  As soon as the weather acts like summer (it’s been cloudy and drizzly like March) I’ll ramp up the volume and have more–12 cups?

-read for pleasure.

I don’t remember why, but this goal got disrupted for the last 6-8 weeks I think.  I’m trying to get back on board and I’d really like to finish a slew of books this summer while I still have some time to read for pleasure.

-weekly massage.

Cool’s skills really went downhill so we have to work on her in order for this one to work.  Hand-strengthening exercises?  Endurance?  We’ll practice–maybe find some tips on the internet. . .

-abstain from drinking.

As I mentioned in another post, immediately after school lets out for summer break must have been a big prior drinking time for me.  Just because of celebration/relaxation/patio purposes.  But I made it through the critical period, because I’m serious about aligning my actions with my goals.  And I told myself one drink wouldn’t be all THAT bad–but it had to be planned for a future time and a set amount.  I, in no way, would on the spur of the moment get one just because I was tempted.  And you know what?  It was all about impulse, because when it came time to plan a future drink, I wasn’t all that interested.  I really didn’t miss it out of the heat of the moment.  So that’s a very effective strategy–saying I can have one–but not now, in a future, controlled time.  So I don’t feel like I’m missing out, but usually the mood leaves and I don’t even want one.

-study habits.

Though I don’t have graded classes at the moment, I’m trying to buckle down and accomplish a few things over break:  Apply to jobs at least 3-4 times a week.  Outline neuroanatomy to get ahead for fall.  And I’m drawing out some anatomy pictures to help myself study in the fall.  And also, I’m big-time getting on my moving/application procedures for my AuD program.  I’m working on small goals and deadlines, I just need to make sure not to let myself feel overwhelmed.  I’ll keep a strict schedule, and work on things in manageable pieces.



It has been very VERY difficult a couple of mornings, but after calculating the day in a row (144 that particularly hard day, 147 today) I did it.  And like every time–once I’m up there completing the work out isn’t hard–it’s all about starting.  And after reading “Prevention” Cool, my mom, and I have been trying out the 30-20-10 interval method.  You start at your comfy pace for 30 sec, then increase speed or incline or intensity by 2 or 3 for 20 sec, then top out at the fastest/steepest/most intense you can muster, but only for 10 seconds.  And then, you go slightly below your normal cozy pace to rest for 1 min before repeating the process over.  I like it, as it’s easier (mentally) to increase my output when I know it’s only very brief.  And I think it’s making me faster, though I need to figure out how much 30-20-10 sec at each prefered speed translates to in distance for track-running purposes.  Which is good, because that calculating will also serve to fight boredom.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.

This is awkward when I literally see nobody.  I guess I should work on telling my family a little bit more then I already do.  In June I will work on appreciating what I have, finding good things about my changed school plans–even though it’s not in my beloved Colorado, and say nice things to family.

March=straighten out sleep.

I still sleep fitfully on most nights.  And I’ve tried to stack my beverage consumption to the morning so I’m not getting up to pee–but I do anyway.  I think it’s more that I sleep very, very lightly so any disruption makes me think I woke up to pee. . .  And I even camped in the living room without a clock or any deadlines/responsibilities, and the problem persisted–both while camping and afterward.  I took Melatonin, but it seems like it works well for the first night, but stops for a 2nd or 3rd.  I’m not sure if that’s a thing or not.  And we use the bathroom fan to drown out neighbor noise.  And I’m always a little high-strung, but I’m tons less stressed without work or school, so I don’t really think it’s that.  And my sleep hygiene (I think) is impeccable.  I try to sleep and wake at consistent times and get 8-9 hours, and never go in the bedroom except to sleep.  So–more work here.

April=save $$$.

Again, it’s much easier to save money when you’re not making an income.  I don’t feel good at ALL spending one penny when I’m not making enough to cover the bills.  And I’ve been applying for jobs, but haven’t lowered my standards to working super far away, working nights, or working a million hours.  Yet.  Maybe those days will come, as I’m getting a lot of rejections from every direction.  It seems, my resume is only good for veterinary work = major stopping point for me.  In June, I’m going to start getting really serious about selling unused items on Craigslist, clothes on Poshmark, and anything else I can think of.  As well as keep on keepin’ on with the job applications.


The rough thing about not having a job is being hesitant to make any future commitments–because I want to be able to tell a job I have open availability, and I would NEVER bail on something I say I will do.  So I have the time, and all these opportunities, but don’t want to disappoint them if I get a job, and that job wants me to work during the time I’m planning to volunteer.  So weirdly, I feel unable to do it–unless I can find and do the volunteer thing that day or the very next day.  Hopefully, I’ll either get a job with a set schedule, or give it up all together so I can follow up on this before the summer is over–it’s important to me.


Things are going much better now that Cool’s meds are switched up.  See, with the bipolar and a series of ever changing meds, side-effects, and moods I don’t deal with Cool, but the combination of meds she’s taking at the time.  I wonder what she would be like if she weren’t on meds and didn’t have mental illness?  Probably a completely different person.  But now things are nice, and it’s her birthday in a couple weeks.  We will go camping on the rez, since I don’t have work restrictions = very lovely!

July=my appearance.

This is difficult because I don’t see anyone, have very much reason to venture outside at all, and therefore spend most my time in workout clothes or jammies.  I’ll focus on this one if ever I see anybody.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.

Despite changing my plan for the whole next 4 years, I think I’ve done pretty well not fretting.  I’m not obsessing in any way, or even preoccupied about my future.  That’s not to say I’m not trying to plan things to go efficiently and swimmingly.  I’m just trying to break things done into manageable chunks and do what I can do now.  Also, I fall asleep thinking of everything I’m thankful every night still.  Annnd I really like the habit, and sleep slightly better because of this.

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.

It’s touch and go.  We have been pretty good about keeping up with the shopping, but it is wholly dependant on when the food stamps come through, so sometimes it’s irregular.  As for keeping a menu, this seems to take too much time for me?  Which, I guess since I’m fairly unemployed just means I haven’t made it a priority.  Since Cool cooks when she’s home, and I’m alone for dinners, I really don’t plan a menu.  I have to take some pressure off.  I can plan things like smoothies and hot dogs that don’t necessarily require a lot of cooking, and accomplish this goal.  In that spirit–next month I’ll try to stick to a menu, grocery shop based on those meals, then cook ahead.  Wish me luck!

Oct=don’t over-pluck.

Maybe I’m plucking more this month then I had been, but it’s certainly not as much as I used to.  And as I look at past pictures, I’m actually pleased with the way my brows have filled in a little since then.  But I am still horribly unhappy with how straggly and shapeless they look.  I really need to do some homework about brow maintenance–I’ve been procrastinating, because it’s HARD and I don’t know what I’m doing.  I heard about threading on “Orange is the New Black” does anyone know anything about it?  Maybe getting that done professionally one time would give me a good starting place to work from. . .

Nov=Increase eye contact.

Well, I really see nobody except the kitties and Cool, but today I had an interview and think I made some good eye contact.  On that, I’m a little torn about the potential job.  I think it’s sort of bad karma to turn down ANY job at all.  But the drive is longer then I want, and the work is not really what I want.  But then again, the people seemed exceptionally nice, and who really WANTS their part-time/summer job, anyway?  We’ll see where the finger points me. . .

2012 Spring 022

That’s it til next month!

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