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Too Much [to fit in the personal statement]

4 Jun

There are certain things the admissions committee needs to know about me that I won’t have an opportunity to present elsewhere on my application:  Clogging, community service, scholarship awards, clubs, research and sports.  All of it is not going to fit, so I’m trying to tie in things that directly relate to audiology to have strong connections.  It hurts to chop it though.  But I’ve been working most of the day and think I came up with not only a focus, but the organization (very tentatively).  I also have super-way-too much descriptions which I’ll have to majorly cut–but that comes a little later.

Spring Finals 033

Here’s what I think I’m going to do after reading many personal statements and corrections of those, tips on how to write a good PS, and reworking my info:


!my activity [my taits for stated activity]–>how it relates to AuD traits


Passion *spark*

!shopping w/Dad  [compassion]–>humanistic; aural rehab; p follow-thru



!clogging [dedicated; patient teacher]–>dedication; notice uncertainty

!community service clubs [honest; sensitive]–>diverse; compassion; counsel; flexibility; modification

!hearing screens [enthusiastic; thorough]–>refer; thorough

!tutoring in SHS [pass on love of learning; share motivation]–>teach & apply my own knowledge



!vet jobs [detail-oriented; independant; humane; tough; self-driected]–>communication, dx practice, professional, independant

!classes/scholarships [driven; determined; hard-working]–>unstd sci; foundational knowledge, ability to study; aprised of technology; current techniques

!animal science research [critical thinking; meticulous; practical]–>practical; analytical



!lang. transcription research [organized; order]–>effiecient; exposure

!speaker chara (UU emphasis + specific prof/papers) [ethical]–>implications for compliance; p benefit; QoL

!for eventual superior aural rehab in practice [loyal; follow-thru]–> relating back to Dad

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