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Saint George Vet: Why Vet Med?

14 Jun

As you can tell, I’m still cleaning out the files on my computer.  I have a seemingly endless supply of essays outlining why I want(ed) to be a veterinarian and why I would make a good one.  I guess it’s good, because sometimes I assume you readers know how much of a champion I am of veterinary medicine.  And I guess since you don’t know me, you may not know.  Since I have written so many criticisms about the field as of late, maybe it’s a good balance.  And I think it shows I have a leg to stand on when I make assertions that the profession isn’t perfect (none are), but how it could be improved.  Or maybe you’re just bored and wish I’d get through all these admissions essays already (sorry).  I’ll try to make a real post soon, as I have an exciting project coming up that I want to share.  But until then, I have more:

Please discuss the most significant factors which led to your decision to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. Approximately 250 words.

I feel most rewarded when I am involved in veterinary medicine. At age eleven, I began accruing volunteer hours at the local veterinary hospital. This experience provided me with knowledge of the career, and cemented my aspirations of 1st day of work everbecoming a veterinarian.

Gaining exposure to the veterinary care of exotic animals is exciting. I was able to help Dr. Minor vaccinate a pack of wolves for a local security compound. At Noah’s Ark I have been able to observe ferret adrenalectomies, rabbit neuters, and helped treat birds, reptiles, and other small mammals. I gained exposure to larger exotics when I volunteered numerous hours at Animal Sanctuary, cleaning the enclosures of tigers, a lion, and a panther.

I love the veterinary profession and aim to take an active role in it as long as I am able to work. I learned the work can be physically grueling, mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining, but I am prepared to compensate with the athleticism, analytical competence, and rationality that I have seen my veterinary mentors display. I would be luckypersonally unfulfilled if I did not spend time in a veterinary setting.

One day I hope to own a mixed animal practice in a rural area, where I can raise the level of animal care while keeping costs reasonable. I plan to provide high availability to my clients and to see a variety of species. I want, more than ever, to become a doctor of small animal medicine, with an emphasis on exotics.