June Goal Accountability

1 Jul

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

Overall, June was kind of a fail.  But I was completely out of my routine, and I did have a lot of fun, so I think I can easily redeem myself in July–well now actually, June 26th.

-floss daily.

I think I did it?  I don’t remember a particular occasion that I didn’t, so I guess.  Things first thing in the morning and last thing at night are easier, because it’s built around my strict sleep schedule.

-drink water.

Dad's 70th B-day visit 020Really crummy.  And I can’t solely blame visits from my parents and extended family along with presentations.  I sort of slacked in the water department all month.  Peeing is a major problem–especially when I want to sleep.  But carrying around and drinking water early in the day is also a problem.  I have to work on drinking it first thing in the morning, then at noon.

-read for pleasure.

Also really bad.  I’m anxious to finish this particular books, because although I like it fine, it’s not a page-turner, so I’ve been working on the same one (small) book since summer started.  Not ideal.

-weekly massage.

Maybe now that Cool will be off her zombie meds, her quality will return.  It hadn’t even been worthwhile because the rubs were not only short because she was tired–but BAD.

-abstain from drinking.

Ahh one that I actually did well on.  There was no temptation, and actually, seeing my aunt so effing sloppy made me really, really happy about my decision of getting out–while I still had a choice in the matter.  That habit amplified is no way to live.

-study habits.

I started off summer on the right foot, but my stuff went on the backburner so I could prepare for the speech and hearing sciences Camp Na Ha Shnee presentation.  Then my parents visited and now my routine is all messed up, and my resolve all shot to hell.  I’m really trying to get back on it in a BIG way tomorrow.


Dad's 70th B-day visit 013The exercise portion of the program is surpringly intact.  Even despite major routine-busters.  And we really walked our Rypien Foot Pathfeet off when my parents were here (much to my Aunt’s dismay).  But the food?  Not so good.  Restaurants got involved, there are no groceries in the house, and right now I’m baking those frozen monster cookies for dinner–instead of braving the store on a Friday evening.  Cool promises to start cooking again, and I’m going to focus on this big-time.  And to make it easier, I’m getting a dehydrator for my birthday!!!  I’ll be able to make dried fruit, veggie chips, jerky, and even herp-fish lysine cat treats!  Very exciting.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.

I’ve been trying to focus on this in the last few days especially.  When confronted with someone oozing negativity, I realized that’s no way to live–and no recipe to keep people in your life.  Also, the worry started creeping in again, and that’s counter-productive.

March=straighten out sleep.

I think I was better, but now I have to straighten out Goose’s feeding time.  The long days are confusing to him and he’s starting to meow and fuss at 3AM thinking it was the former 4AM.  I put a soup can in the middle of their food bowls to slow the eating down, and have started giving smaller portions multiple times a day to spread things out a little.  I know what we really need to do is get him to play and work off calories, but that’s easier said then done.  He’s not one to really actively engage in toys or play.  We’ll see.  As it is, I’m just getting up when he wakes me and going straight to work, because really, there’s not much difference between 3 and 4 in the morning.  And it seems the earlier I go, the more likely I am to sleep during a nap.

April=save $$$.

Considering I had my Aunt’s birthday, Cool’s, AND my Dad’s milestone birthday in June, plus a visit from my parents–I think I did amazingly well.  I handmade what gifts I could, ate at home whenever possible, and only bought 2 sports bras (which I will use constantly) in all the shopping trips we took.  Unlike me, my family seems to loooove shopping.  July will be a lot easier since it’s my birthday month and I won’s have to get any more gifts or food.


In June I did volunteer my time to help with two school presentations.  Both were worthwhile, and I will use one in my personal statement–which I want to make clear was not my primary rationale for agreeing to help.  I would like to get involved with Habitat for Humanity, so maybe after my birthday weekend we’ll pick a date to help build.  Whatever it is, I need to get on it before mid-August when school resumes and things get crazy.


blocksI hate slurrr-aquel.  It makes Cool a total zombie, with no personality.  And all she wants to do is sleep, or be irritable at me for disallowing 24/7 sleep.  She even fell asleep for and hour and a half at her job, and everyone went home at the end of the shift leaving her there sleeping.  She went off meds so she could be “a person” while my parents visited and was personable, funny, lovely–everything I’d forgotten she was because I hadn’t seen it in so long.  So with some prodding, we convinced her to get off this particular med and do something else so we can have better quality of life–even if it’s more pills or more costly.  In the mean time, her doctor is on vacation til the end of July, and she can’t be without an antipsychotic for a month, so she’s napping as I type.  Bipolar is not easy.

July=my appearance.

Great, actually!  Because company means pictures, and presentations are in front of large groups I’ve been wearing makeup and nice clothes and putting product in my hair.  Which I got cut (twice) for just these occasions.  That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Dads 70th B-day Manito 2

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.

I sort of slipped a little in this department.  I have been worrying a little, but I’m trying to be mindful about it–especially before sleeping at night.  I want to have gratitude, and use my mind for productive endeavors (not worrying).

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.

Terrible, terrible, terrible!  Just because the whole routine is off.  Next month (I mean now) we’ll get back to it.

Oct=don’t over-pluck.

Oh this is so hard!  I really want to try that threading business, and if I get any sort of job this summer, that’s one of the S Hill Starbucksfirst things!  Until then, I’m contemplating at home waxing or at the very least–shaving?

Nov=Increase eye contact.

I notice if I’m talking to a group, I can make good eye contact, but I get “stuck” on one person.  So I need to remember to divide my attention better.

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