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The Best Part of Running

16 Jul

Is getting a new PR (personal record)!  Obviously.  Secondly, I enjoy taking, writing, and number-crunching all my stats.  Which I guess is math—shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone about that.  It would ruin my image.  I keep a red notebook and write all track runs in there.  I should mention these track runs are timed with my i-pod, which has a stopwatch function.  One of my i-pods keeps milisec, and the other doesn’t–I’m not sure how much this matters to my scene, so I’m thinking about just dropping them or rounding. . .  Anyway, one day I’ll have some fancy technology that will do everything and just plugrunning 2 into my computer, but this is adequate for now.

I don’t keep track of all my treadmill runs because I’m not certain how they stack up.  I don’t know the calibration, and am not sure if the distance/speed/calorie count are in any way accurate.  I like to run the all-weather track because the surface is amazing, there is 24/7 security at the college (dude on a golf cart making rounds), and I assume all the distances, inclines, variables are in line, because of track meets.

I just realize, I’m out of the norm for “runners.”  I enjoy the treadmill and on ultra-lazy days, weather below 60F, wind, rain, and when I have a busy schedule I’ll default to that.  Most runners hate it.  I’m also different because I am not really a marathon/race type of gal.  I don’t want to PAY to run, have to plan ahead and schedule the thing, or run with other people–I run because I LIKE my alone time.  Because I’m not “training” for some event, I tend to just work on my own short distance goals–no need to run 50 miles when 1 fast one (for me) will do.  I don’t understand pacing–probably because it has to do with kilometers (whaaa?) and marathons or smaller derivations thereof (I don’t know if that’s a legit word, but it sounds fancy so I’m using it).   Saying 8 min/mile pace is confusing to me.  Does that actually mean people run 8 minute miles for 30-some miles or whatever?  Can that be done outside of the Olympics/insane runner’s groups?  See, I running 1run often, but you wouldn’t call me a typical “runner.”

But I’m not intimidated by all the professional-pretention stuff.  I think of running like wine.  Sure, you may not know the lingo, or go to the fancy places, or have any of the accessories, or have an acquired taste for the finer things–but you do it because you like it and that’s what matters.  That’s me!  Enjoying chocolate wine from Wal-Mart (just an exaggerated example and not any more) and running my own timed sprints for no larger purpose than my own gratification.

After 3 years, I have just a couple of pages left, and the front is full of former & current PRs and the back full of weights and measurements.  As such, I think it’s time to go digital.  Plus, I want to know the info won’t be physically lost.  So here it is, because I got not only 1 but 2 TWO new records today–in the same day!  Unheard of.  I guess the daily mile (and my 30-20-10 HIIT sessions?) helps my speed.  My runs never felt so good.

200 m (half lap all-out sprint):

my goal is under 30 sec

0:37.5 on 7/16/14

0:38.8 on 7/28/12

–>I rarely run 200s because they take a lot out of me and really make me sore later.  And there’s only 2 records, because most of them are slower a work in progress.

400 m (1 lap all-out sprint & key to improving mile time):

the goal is sub-60 sec and as you can see, I have a ways to go yet

1:27.2 on 8/13/13

1:30.0 on 7/13/14

1:30.6 on 8/3/14

1:31.8 on 9/30/12

1:32.1 on 9/30/12

1:32.4 on 9/9/12

800 m (2 laps/half mile, weird speed):

3:38.6 on 7/16/14

3:52.4 on 7/23/13

3:52.12 on 7/31/12

–>I very rarely run this because it’s not exactly a sprint and I’m not certain how much it impacts my mile.  And mostly, when I start running this, once I’m finished with the 2nd lap I figure–why not just do a mile?

mile (4 laps = 1600 m):

the goal had been 8 min/mi, but I accomplished it, so I guess just as fast as possible is the goal now.

7:26.7 on 7/7/15 [400m splits:  1:37.1 = 2:10.8 = 2:06.2 = 1:32.6]

 7:39.0 on 8/22/12 [400m splits:  1:40.9 = 1:55.6 = 2:05.5 = 1:57.1]

7:40.07 on 8/17/14 [400 m splits:  1:43.4 = 1:56.6 = 2.02.8 = 1:57.9]

7:40.22 on 8/17/12 [400 m splits:  1:41.5 = 2:03.1 = 2:04.9 = 1:59.7]

7:42 on 7/12/14 [400 m splits:  1:41.6 = 1:58.7 = 2:02.7 = 2:00.2]

7:45 on 7/11/14 [400 splits:  1:47 = 1:54 = 2:05 = 1:58]

7:52 on 7/6/14 [400 splits:  1:46 = 4:05 = 1:59]  I HATE when it doesn’t capture the split as in lap 2+3!

7:54.11 on 7/18/12 [400 splits:  1:56.7 = 1:56.2 = 2:02.2 = 2:00.0]