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Aug Goal Accountability

28 Aug

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily.  Cemented (at home)

If I never spent the night anywhere else this one is so great.  I could take it off, even.  But it gets spotty when we go anywhere, and Labor Lave 3-day weekend is sure to test it.  I’ll try to get this in on the road.  The dentist might happen after I get my syllabi–now that I have an income.

-drink water. Gerrrr-eat!

I may have said this before, but it’s true–4 is the milestone for this one.  Once a person can fit 4 cups of water into their day,Sutro Pool Party 011 more is easy.  I drink between 8-12 cups daily, and still somehow have room for coffee or tea sometimes.  Getting the first 4 immediately after my run, while I’m taking my vitamins is key here.  I’m currently keeping track of the amount and time I drink compared to the time I have to pee.  This sounds crazy, but nothing is worse then having to pee during class–or having to get up in the middle, walk out, miss notes, use a public restroom, walk back in.  So I’m compiling the stats to know what time I need to have 4C down before class.

-read for pleasure.  OK

I wish I read more, but it seems somethings (lots of things) have to give when you have a goal.  Application, running, school, cleaning, etc. . .  pushed this a little lower on the priority list.  Still, I read every night before sleeping when Cool isn’t home.  And when I am.  It’s slower going then I prefer, but at least it’s happening at all.

-weekly massage. Terrr’ble (I’ve been watching “Parks & Rec”)

It’s difficult to make time now that we’re out of the habit.  By the time I think of it I’m ready to sleep.  The next couple of weeks will be worse because of school starting, Labor Dave weekend, and my NEW job–which is until midnight.  Once I get used to being a night person and we settle into a new schedule we’ll work on it again.

-abstain from drinking.  Awesome

Also very easy. . .  Once all the past associations are broken.  Once you fill that time/occasion with something else I forget how I had time in the first place to drink.  Last frontier:  Labor Dave Weekend concert.  I’ll miss the canned craft beer of tailgating, the thermos cocktails, and I will NOT miss the $8 fleeting krafts of the venue.  Still, I feel like we will get more of our money’s worth seeing the show sober, and will feel so much better at the end of the night and the next morning.  Hopefully the crowds will be tolerable, because of SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-study habits.  I have my ON days and OFF days.

Fall finals 123Some days I’m on FIRE with my application and school prep.  Others, I’m tired, unmotivated, or lazy.  I’m glad I don’t have to work daily at 3-4AM, as I think this makes a big difference in the studiousness–I’ll have to remember this during the semester.  My essays are getting to be something real.  I have a notebook full of neuroanatomy drawings and figures.  I’m studying flashcards and feel good about brain lobes, gyri, and sulci–and phonemes obviously.  With 9 days til school starts as of tomorrow (Sat, 8/16) I am serious.  Yet, not so much that I waste my last week of a relatively free summer.  First summer without at least 27 work hours.  It would have been more “free” and relaxing if I didn’t have to get up and clean at the crack of dawn.  Or apply to jobs.  Or do the afore-mentioned work, but good enough.  And probably the last (financially feasible, stress-low $) summer of my life.

January=fitness.  Goood!

Today was 230 days (it’s 8/19) of “minimum of a mile first thing in the morning” days-in-a-row.  I was 1.6 seconds off my mile PR then 0.6 seconds off of it, so I feel like I’m right on the cusp of something.  I have also been hula hooping for my 6-pack.  AND eating salads almost every day for lunch.  Yes, they have about 3 Tbl of dressing on them, but still!  It’s a radical change.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.

I don’t know if I’ve said nice things exactly, but there have been times when I kept my mouth SHUT.  So at least there’s so negativity–even when it is very warranted and would feel so good to say.  That’s an improvement.  I’ll have to step up my game when school starts because we all know how the Riverpoint professors love me *sarcasm*

March=straighten out sleep.  So good!

I stopped being so anal, and things are fixed.  My body seems to have settled into a pattern where I get tired around 9PM.  On mornings I have to work, I naturally wake around 3AM and just go, instead of wasting time.  On those days, as long as I’m back in bed before 5:20AM I’m able to nap.  After that, not so much.  On days off, my body wakes around 5:30AM–it likes about 8.5 hours of sleep.  Once school or jobs come into play, this may not stay so great, but I’ll keep trying to just stop worrying and timing it and accommodate what my body wants.

April=save $$$.  Not awesome.

I knew I was going to have to spend some money in August.  Which felt terrible b/c for most of it I didn’t know when I would get paid next.  And being right before a loan disbursement, money was stretched its thinnest.  But you have to have textbooks (believe me, I did not want to buy a 2nd phonetics book), notebooks, paper, and ink to be a student.  So it had to happen.  Now that I have a job on the horizon and a disbursement was mailed today, I feel much better about the scene.

May=volunteer.  Fail.

I prioritized getting applications stuff as far along as I could, working on future school stuff, and cleaning.  I realize I have a finite amount of time before my time is no longer my own, and I felt like I had to choose.  Maybe once I get into a routine during school.  Or on a break.  Or next semester.  There’s still a little time. . .

June=Cool.  Work in progress

Bipolar combined with anxiety is a difficult thing.  It’s no joke and you have to work so much harder at everything.  But we are both making a huge effort and being mindful so hope is back.

July=my appearance.  Gearing Up

I’m really trying to gear up for the first day of school and Labor Dave.  I’ve picked out many cute outfits for those occasions,DMB Sun hair and even practiced a new hair style today.  And I’m getting it trimmed before the week is over.  My face, however, is not cooperating.  Per the usual.  It keeps breaking out.  The horrible bright red, swollen looking monstrosities.  This will not make me happy on big events.  When will puberty be over?!

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.  Effortful

With jobs, schedules, planning, and summer coming to a close, there’s a lot to get ramped up about.  I’m trying not to.  But it’s taking a lot of deliberate effort.

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.  ugh

Easter 025Do I have to admit this one is a fail?  Again?  I’m lazy.  I plan almost everything else (see my drinking water, peeing time sheet statistics for proof) and this seems just one step too much.  And I’m not sure how to make it less overwhelming.  I got a mini dry white board at the grocery outlet to make and edit quick menus.  We try to shop every Sunday at 8AM when it’s not really busy.  There is always a list in progress on the fridge.  I guess what we need to do is come up with a few staple, easy go-to meals we know how to cook well and fast.  It seems we’re always trying something big, and new, and unknown when we cook.  So it turns into a big thing.  And the time taken and results are uncertain.  So we need to brainstorm, write, and prepare our easiest most successful meals and make those on a weekend.  Then we can just heat them up as needed.  I have a bad feeling this item is going to carry over to a 2015 goal 😦

Oct=don’t over-pluck.  Unintentional

Not by my own doing, I’m doing this.  I just don’t have time/forget to pester at myself, so things are not looking awesome.  I still want to try threading.  Maybe now that I have a job. . .

Nov=Increase eye contact.  Once

My interview went extremely well, and I managed it!

Fit Bit Stride Length

26 Aug

Mine is elusive.  It’s a difficult thing to figure out anyway.  Then, mine varies depending on location (treadmill, path, all-weather track), speed, and ???  Who knows what else.  The point is, who can figure this out?  And who can do it so its consistent and accurate?

I made an attempt.  And it may be a poor one, and it’s only accurate some of the time, but this is as good as it gets, without professional input.  Here’s the equation I found online:

(63360 inches * mile) divided by # steps = average stride (in inches) divided by 12 = avg stride (feet)

The accumulation of data:

We walked down the bicycle trail by our apartment, noting the FitBit milage, then watching the FitBit until it said an exact mile had passed.  We walked away from the apartment at my pace, and my FitBit got to my mile before Cool’s (though we walked the distance together).

My Pace:

L- 1 mile in 14 min (4.3 mph pace)= 1722 steps

C- 1 mile in 16 min (3.8 mph pace)= 2063 steps

The discrepancy is probably the stride length we had previously programmed in our individual FitBits.  Still, things got weirder on the way home.  You would think the walk back would put us at approximately our apartment.  Nope, at Cool’s pace mine took me past our start point.  Cool’s took us down a rabbit hole making us walk far, far past our apartment before registering 1 mile.

Cool’s Pace:

L-  1 mile in 20 min (3.0 mph pace)= 2330 steps

C- 1 mile in 41 min (1.5 mph pace)=4931 steps

I don’t know either.  But obviously something is terribly wrong.  At any rate, with those numbers that put stride length (using the above formula) and recorded as mine(my pace), mine(at Cool’s pace) etc at:





For my average walking pace as 2 feet 6.4 inches and Cool’s crazy average walking pace as 1 foot 7.6 inches.  Which despite the huge problems in milage does seem in the ballpark.

My running stride length was even more complicated, because I ran a single lap in the various lanes (of slight distance variations, due to the circle).  Then, I ran a continuous mile to see if it made a difference.  And I walked around the track to confirm my walking pace on a known distance.  Of course all of those distances occurred at different speeds.  So I got rough averages.

Lanes:  Using (63360)(miles)/# steps

–>the IAAF has standardized track lanes that are 1.22 meters wide.

lane 8 = 453.66 m = 0.2835 mi

lane 7 = 446 m = 0.2786 mi

lane 6 = 433.38 m = 0.2709 mi

lane 5 =  430.66 m = 0.2692 mi

lane 4 = 423 m = 0.2644 mi

lane 3 = 415.33 m = 0.2596 mi

lane 2 = 407.67 m = 0.2548 mi

lane 1 = 400 m = 0.25 mi

Speed Counts:

 In a 9 min/mi, I take 1540 steps

In a 7:50 min/mi I only take 1326 steps

My average stride length for walking (using 5 laps) = 2 ft 3.1 in

Distance Counts:

My average stride length for 1 lap (out of 7 different laps) = 3 ft 4.4 in

My average mile stride (for 5 different miles) = 3 ft 4.5 in

Anyway, that’s a lot of math to say that the Fit Bit isn’t going to give me exact distances, because there are too many variable involved to keep an accurate stride length over a whole day’s distance/speed/elevation/etc. . .

My First Day Curse Lives On

25 Aug

I didn’t think I would have first day of school problems on my Sixth semester.  I was wrong.

walk about day 2 002

I got an invitation to the online course manager last week.  But the course was grayed out as “future courses” so I figured it would be activated ON the first day of school.  I kept checking back, but even as last as 10AM this morning, neither of my classes were live yet.  So I figured the profs didn’t activate them yet.

Every semester Riverpoint posts the room designations on a common board, not the internet.  This has caused some confusion in the past, but after five semesters–I was prepared.  I wrote my class names, numbers, times, (all given info) on a post-it and went to school a half hour early to write the room numbers.

When I got to school–there were no classes posted.  I wandered the lobby, trying to appear cool, not lost.  Finally, I had to go to the help desk–for the 6th semester in a row.  They wrote my room numbers below each course on my post-it, and still early, I went to class.  

No one was there yet, but I was about 45 min early so I hung out and waited.  I began to get nervous half hour til when nobody else had arrived yet.  But my program has all the same classes, and many are in a row.  So I figured everyone else was probably in the same class and it was likely to get out at 10:50AM, ten min before my class started.  So I thought I’d wait to panic until around 10:51AM.

I knew there was trouble, when there were still no students at 10:50AM.  So I went to the help desk in that testsbuilding to confirm if a class was in the room that was written on my post-it.  Nope, no 11AM class scheduled, and by the way, are you COMD?  Ironically, COMD stands for Communication (Disorders).  And the disorder part is fitting.  The gal behind the counter said no COMD courses had been inputted into the main system.  Of course.

So with 2 min until class started, I had no idea where I was supposed to be.  Again.  This is so typical!  But my new advisor is nice and actually likes me, and is welcoming, so I thought I’d go all the way across campus and ask her where my class was being held.  

When I got to the hallway of offices, I noticed a physical paper taped to a door.  With the COMD class designations–ugh.  Except nobody had told me this was a thing and they had never done it this way before, so once again I had been out of the loop.  Annoying.  Typical.

I got my room numbers, but didn’t recognize the building abbreviation.  And the key had been cropped on the sheet.  Great, so now I knew the location, but still didn’t.  I took a stab and just went to the next building, the nursing building, hoping for the best.  I was already 5 min late, and my lateness phobia was really in high gear.  Again.

communication modeThe trouble with the nursing building is none of the doors have windows of any kind.  And the door opened at the front of the room.  Meaning, I had to bravely open a door not knowing who was in the room, while all the students in the room faced me.  Not awesome.  Also, I’ve had all but one professor, and this happened to be the class that professor taught.  So I wouldn’t recognize if the instructor was from my department or not.  Also, it’s a brand new class of students so I wouldn’t recognize faces either.

I opened the door, stood and looked, but didn’t know one way or the other if I was in the right place.  And the prof was talking so I couldn’t ask without interrupting further–I just had to sit down and hope.  The first thing I heard was–let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves.  Uh-oh, if I was in the wrong place, I was about to be publically humiliated.  Again. 

The first lucky thing happened, and the first student said something about SLP, confirming I was indeed in the correct place.  And I didn’t want everyone to think I was some late loser so when my turn came I said, “Sorry I was late, they sent me to a different room across campus.  I was actually early, just in the wrong place. . .”  

But the first thing the instructor wanted to do was go over the syllabus–which was in the online course manager.  And she said, raise your hand if you DON’T have it.  So I had to–and look like MORE of a loser.  Apparently, I was having computer problems, it wasn’t happening to everyone.  

In another part of class, the prof was troubleshooting some technology (the 1st day of school is a technological, logistical treat for everyone) and told us to turn and get to know our neighbor.  I was on the end of a row.  The gal next to me–turned her back to me to talk to the student on the other side of me.  Leaving communicationme with no one to turn to.  I looked at the row behind me, but those students were set in about 3 seats and talking to each other.  And there were already 3 girls talking to each other in the row in front of me.  So another great start at meeting anyone this semester *sarcasm* per the usual, I was awkward and didn’t get to know anybody, and with time it gets increasingly awkward.  And in this class we have to do dissections and stuff so I’m sure we’ll have to partner up.  And like always, I’ll be the odd-man out that doesn’t know anybody.  Today, really made me remember just how awkward and unfriendly my campus experience has been thus far.  I’m hoping I can show up early and chat with someone before class Wednesday to break the awfulness-lone wolf thing I’ve got going.

After class, I went to sort the online manager business out with my advisor.  As I said before she is really helpful and likes me, so I knew she wouldn’t mind–and I knew IT would respond a lot faster to an advisor then to one of the million students having problems on the first day.  I needed that syllabus!

When I did, she was super-nice as expected, fired off an e-mail, confirmed tomorrow’s room with me. . .  Then told me she’s moving.  In September.  She looked really sad when she said it, and told me she considered me a peer since we’re close to the same age and I’m so driven, and that she’d miss me and this job.  I didn’t want to upset her by conveying my severe, severe disappointment, so we talked about TN and how I’d really liked it when I visited it for the Bristol Night Race.  She sincerely offered Cool and me a place to visit anytime, and I left.

My new advisor was the first person to make me feel welcome and like a person at Riverpoint.  She’s the only person that is happy to talk to you or schedule a meeting with you or assist you.  She really added a lot of warmth to an otherwise cold place to be, and I’m really going to miss her.  Also, I will have more days like this without her to help me get some info around there.  I’m thinking of maybe writing her a nice card and or sending her flowers or a food basket or something.

So my last semester at Riverpoint–and more shenanigans were had. I REALLY hope the semester is not more of the same!

Water to Urine (just in case you were curious)

24 Aug

I really want to continue drinking 8+ cups of water each day.  And the best way to day that is to get them in early.  Which is easier said then done when there are items on the agenda.  When I’m home all day or when I set my own schedule–no problem.  But when class and work dictates my time, peeing becomes a big factor.  There is nothing worse then being stuck somewhere and having to use the bathroom really bad.  Concentration suffers, you can’t be still, the public restroom may become a necessity, and nobody likes that story.  I hate public bathrooms.  They’re dirty, not private, and it’s not super convenient when I want to get a seat, pay attention in class or work hard as the case may be.

So in preparation of resuming school and work I timed my drinking and urinary habits for 11 days.  Then I can average the time between when water is consumed and when I have to pee.  This will allow me to figure out the window I need to finish my water in order not to have the urge to use the bathroom when I’m out & about.


Seriously, I know you’re thinking I’m insane right now–but this makes a lot of sense.  Here’s the info gleaned from my experiment (just the time-interval between water and urination):

D1:  3 hr 10 min

D2:  2 hr 5-10 min

D3:  45 min earliest, 3 hours last

D4:  40 min 1st to 2.5 hr last

D5:  1 hr & 2 hr

D6:  2 hr

D7:  1 hr & 3 hr 40 min

D8:  30 min

D9:  30 min 1st to 1 hr 15 min last

D10:  Coffee became involved, confounding results, so I threw this day’s data out

D 11:  1 hr 1st to 1 hr 45 min

Sutro Pool Party 017

With all data (excluding day 10) that’s an average of 2 hours 11 minutes between.

The soonest I had to go was an average of 1 hour

The average of the last time I had to pee post water was 2 hours 35 minutes

That means I can drink water for my 11AM class anywhere from 8-10AM without having to use the bathroom.

And for my 10 AM class my water drinking window is 7-9AM.

For work, I have from 5-7PM on Thursday and 12:30-2:30PM on weekends.

I’m Sick. And Grumpy.

20 Aug

Last night I started feeling worse and worse.  Normally when I feel something coming on I go to bed super-early.  But I will have to work til midnight really soon and my body is already going to be shocked.  As such, I HAD to stick it out until 9:30PM.  I felt so bad that I turned off my alarm clock (I never sleep to the alarm, but I’d be too nervous if I didn’t set it–just in case) for cleaning the vet hospital in the morning.  I try to go there every other day and had gone Monday, so was set to do it today.  But I had called Monday to make Rusty an appointment–and of course Wednesday was the first they could get me in.  And they were very explicit that I should drop off at 7:30AM.  So with the (impending) sickness, I didn’t think I should get up at 3-4AM, drop off the car, and be unable to nap.  If I get in bed after 5:20AM, I CANNOT sleep no matter how hard I try.  Anyway, so I decided I would clean work Wednesday night and still get it done on the every other day.

I slept fitfully because my body is trying to get sick and out of guilt for not cleaning–even though it’s a flexible schedule and I just have to make sure and go 3x/wk.  But I felt bad anyhow.  In the morning (the cats woke us up at 5:30AM, so I didn’t get tons of sleep), we went to drop Rusty off.  And–he had written that I called on Monday, but neglected to put me on the schedule for today.  So skipping work and dropping off was unnecessary because he put me on the very bottom of their full schedule.  Annoying.  And I felt icky so I almost said something about it.

At the track, I had intended to run a record 400m today.  I thought maybe if I warmed up slowly it could still be done.  Because I’m not completely sick, I can just tell it’s coming on.  But there is still time for preventative sleep/warmth/Zicam/vitamins/fluids.  But as soon as I started jogging I instantly felt TERRIBLE.  Everything ached, I felt tired, my muscles were stiff.  It was unpleasant.  I changed my mind about any speed work and just did a slow 2 miles practicing switching long strides and quick strides.  

When I got back to the apartment complex, the trashy-trashy, white-trash trashy lesboz that park next to us were over the line half in our spot.  So I had to squeeze in very tightly.  And when I opened the door, I was confronted with their barf-covered passenger door.  Who pukes on their car??!  Disgusting.  Cool wrote a note, but the tone was annoyed.  And I am all about feeling annoyed, but hesitated to give it to them, because, trashy people have no boundaries and who knows how they might retaliate.  But Cool put it on their barf-mobile anyway.  Fast-forward:  Next time I went to the car, theirs was gone, and the note was crumpled beside Cool’s car. . .

Rewind:  I went home and Cool made a wonderful huckleberry waffle breakfast.  I was feeling so crummy that the impossible occured and I actually was able to nap for 30 min.  But it wasn’t enough and I still felt like crud.  I get, for lack of better word, annoying sickness.  There’s no outward signs, but I feel feverish and fatigued.  Standing in the kitchen to make a frozen drink for Labor Dave about did me in, and I felt really crummy.  So I look a-OK, but feel ick-scum.  If it does come full-on (it hasn’t yet) I’ll get a fever and a head-cold.  Not cool times for public or for sitting in class.

Anyway, I didn’t get a call until 1:30PM asking permissions and pricing.  So I should have gone to work, and Rusty will not be finished today.  Which is super-annoying, because now Cool goes to work and I’ll have to clean at 3-4AM tomorrow–sacrificing more sleep when I’m (getting) sick.

That’s all.  I’ll work on my graph blogs today since standing up seems too much.  That reminds me, there are just 5 days til school starts and I have a HUGE list of things to do before then.  I’m mentally going insane, but my body won’t cooperate–it’s going to be a low productivity day when I need to kick it into high gear >:-[

I’m Focused, I’m Ready–I Can DO This!

19 Aug

OK, I wrote this 2 weeks ago, then thought it might be jinxy.  I’ve saved it since then, and a lot has changed.  I’ll add updated things (with an *) along side.

Here I go, I’m doing this!  Writing a bulleted (dashed, actually) post.

-I actually nailed my interview today.  The guy on the phone turned out to be no more than 22 years old and was a manager.  There was also a (regular?) man who was head of the division there.  I always feel like things should really fall into place and FEEL right, and somehow this didn’t.  The timing was weird, the first exchange awkward–so I didn’t have super-good feelings about it.  And since I felt like this wasn’t really meant to be I wasn’t nervous last night and this morning like I usually am.  This carried over to the pre-interview wait (usually terrible nerve-wracking) and surprisingly the interview itself.  It’s the first real  (veterinary shenanigans/work-interviews/and 1 question fast food not counted) interview that I feel great about.  The rest I either got really nervous or didn’t do a good job, or self-sabotaged b/c the job wasn’t right.  In this one I could tell both really liked me and I’m thinking I just may be offered the job.

*PS I found out 12 days later I got the job!

-Which, I know I could do a wonderful job for this organization so why wouldn’t they?  Not arrogance, but realism talking here.

*They even said so–it’s not just me.  What can I say, I’m a wonderful cleaner 😉

-I hesitate to write this in a public forum (before actually getting a firm offer), but the prospect of getting the job makes me a little nervous.  Just because I in no way want to overextend myself and lose my 4.0 GPA.  I have neuroanatomy this semester, you know.  Also, it may not leave me time to clean the vet hospital, tutoring at school, observing, or extra projects.  Which I have to decide how important any of those really are to me. . .

*The 2nd thing I did when I found out was write my boss to pick a time to meet so I could resign my cleaning position at the vet hospital.  Working til midnight, then getting up at 3-4AM, then going to school would just overextend me and I don’t want to set myself up for failure (or B’s even).

-Also, it would be evening/night hours and I am a decidedly morning person so I would have to flip-flop my whole routine.

*God, I stayed up til 9:30PM last night and I felt lie I was gonna die all day today.  And now I have the telltale sign of a sore throat that I’m trying to get sick (from lack of sleep).

-On the other hand, the organization is something I can get behind, the work is something I can readily do, it’s a national place so potential for keeping the job as I move state to state in the future is high, and the free membership would be exceptional.  Also, ability to buy things and to save money would be big perks.

-Fixing Rusty’s starter, buying my textbook, and maybe *crosses fingers* even buying a pair of boots would be really cool also.

* The FIRST thing I did when I found out was call the auto shop and make an appointment to get Rusty’s starter fixed and oil changed.  This has needed to happen since April, but I didn’t want to drop a chunk of change when I didn’t know when I would ean more.

-To alleviate my worries, I tried to make a potential schedule to see how much time I have and what my fall semester might be like.  But not knowing exactly how many hours, what days, or what blocks of time are acceptable, I quickly got stuck.  I estimated, but without the data it’s pretty meaningless.

*I asked for (and received) my hours concentrated on Friday and Saturday when I don’t have class.  This way I can recuperate before school and have time to study during the week.

-In other news, I tried to see how many steps I take in a mile.  It largely depended on my speed–faster I went, the shorter my stride length.  Which I hear is not ideal for increasing speed.  Science suggests increasing stride length and frequency of steps.  I’ll have to work on that.

*It depends on my speed.  BUT I have a post about the formula and my numbers coming up.

*My FitBit battery is so crazy/stupid that some days I want to throw the device in the river.  Even though when it works I love it.

-Oh, I almost forgot the point of telling you that last one:  I was looking of the science articles about stride length and speed, and I liked the conclusion one article came up with:  Ideally, you should both increase stride length and frequency of steps.  But most people have a hard time doing that, and favor one technique over the other.  This article said that you should know both.  Use one stride length at the beginning of your race, then when you become fatigued switch to the opposite.  What this does is work slightly different muscles–which aren’t fatigued.  This allows you to really give a kick at the end of your race.  This makes a lot of sense to me, and maybe I’ll try some things out to employ it.

-You also have to work out to increase strength (stride length), do drill work to increase neuromuscular connectivity speeds (faster turnover).  Instead of reaching forward to have a longer stride–which seems logical–push off harder with your feet, or ideally spend more time with both feet off the ground (an explosion of forward momentum).  As with everything, getting faster starts to have a lot to do with form, fitness, and physics = math.  I think to get more PRs though, I’m at this point.

-Our apartment is cheap and 4-5 on the vertical blinds broke off.  Upon close inspection the plastic hook broke into a n-shape, probably from all the heat, just dropping the blind out.  So I had to thread fishing line over the apparatus and tie it to the blinds.  I don’t think anyone will inspect them close enough to notice the difference.

*the fishing line blinds are still holding up nicely.  I think those are actually sturdier then the ones held with cheap plastic.  And I think the cheap plastic cooking in the sun is what wore the other ones out-lame.

-I went through the trouble:  1] to actually have closed blinds 2] to block heat in summer and drafts/cold in winter 3] to avoid a charge when we move out.

-It’s funny what I procrastinate about.  Making ice cream has been put off for over a week, even though I already did the difficult part and boiled the fruit into a syrup.  Painting my toe nails has been put off because I don’t want to remove the old polish.  It stinks and it requires scrubbing.  Making a new clogging dance for the talent show.  Because I can’t find a perfect song and only remember the steps I used in last year’s routine–this also needs to be a show-stopper!

*Finally, I buckled down and decided to finish the ice cream and lo and behold–when I pulled the bowl of mixture out from the freezer, the ice cream had made itself without my intervention!  Why can’t all procrastination items go this way?  I did remove the polish.  Which is creepy, and makes my teeth hurt.  And I re-painted them–but avoided glitter so it would be much easier to remove next time.

-I am getting SO excited about the Gorge!  I am looking up recipes, virgin drinks, and thinking about my setlist game, car-window paint and phrases, and a sign!  It’s gonna be a good, good time 😀

*We got car crayons and decided on slogans.  I cut up a box for a poster and we picked lyrics and made a model.  My setlist game is locked in.  Outfits picked.  I practiced one (of 2) hairstyles tonight and it worked out–though I need hairspray for those hairs I know are gray b/c og their unruliness.  We did the grocery shopping for all the snacks and bevs.  We even made banana bread (in the blender = genius!) and it’s in the freezer ready to grab.  I am super-excited.  These concerts have superseeded the first day of school, which is not right, but it’s happened.

-School–as I told my dad, I’m prepared, but not excited.  I mean who’s excited to lose their free time and begin studying every free moment?  Who’s excited to have to start to leave the house every day?  Who’s excited for stress?  I’m not insane.  But hopefully, my studying is so habitual and rehearsed by now that it will be much less of a big deal to do what I need to do.  Just one more semester here!

-My face is (still) breaking out like I’m going through puberty.  I use 2% sa. . .  chemical I forgot, not benz. . .  chemical I can’t remember, which dries out my face, but doesn’t stop the break outs.  The Sa. . .  is a little better, but I still regularly break out.  I am also on BCP for the last 4-5-6? months.  Maybe I should shower immediately after my workouts.  That might be a problem.  I’m sure my diet is also a problem, but that’s much more difficult to get motivated to change.

-I’m mad that I have to calculate my own GPA for my application.  Mad because they also make me send official transcripts–which cost money.  And I have to send them from 3 colleges, ramping up the headache (WSU already charged me twice for 1 set) and money (see previous parentheses).  I think they hire the dumbest, most belligerent people to handle the university fax machine–I always have trouble.

-I had specific questions about the GPA calculation that the school has to answer and that wasn’t on their info website.  So I e-mailed the address given on the admissions home page given to request information.  They did not address my questions at all, told me to refer to their website, and gave me a link to nowhere.  It was super-annoying, and I really had to stop myself from complaining for the lack of service–you never know who is in charge of your future.

*I had to make a phone call.  I did not like it.  All of my questions got answered and I calculated all my GPAs.

-I suppose it’s unprofessional to quit a job over Facebook, e-mail, text, or phone?  I would not be excited to go do it in person. . .  How about by letter?  I really do not want to do that–if it comes to that at all, I don’t know that it will.

*I wrote a Facebook message asking what the preferred mode of communication for the next 2 days would be.  I’m sure that gave away my intent right away.  Of course, my boss preferred a phone call.  I had to make a phone call.  I did not like it.  I resigned and the conversation was more pleasant and longer than I had anticipated.

-I have been researching textbook buy-back prices and will write a blog about when the best and worst times are.  With a graph!  Because I’m trying to hit the peak, I’m hesitant to sell my book back.  For fear it’s too early and the price will peak the next day/week/month.  As such, I still have my book that could give me a little income.  Also, the flaw in my plan is in order to find the peak, you have to see the downward progression that comes afterward–meaning I have to wait for the price to DROP again, to know (and miss) when the highest price was.

-I’m debating selling the mini fridge.  It’s really infuriating me by freezing or randomly thawing if the dial is breathed on.  It’s a royal pain to clean sticky, melty, smelly old stuff off a frozen bottom–and out from under the fridge.  Problem is, or freezer is really small and inept and doesn’t accommodate all the stuff we want.  BUT if I’m to sell/get a good price on the mini–this is the season to do it.  when all the students are setting up their dorms or wanting a kegerator.  After the decision, it’s also a labor-intensive job–which also has gone on my procrastination list.  Clean it, defrost it, write a nice ad, deal with FlakesList, and possibly help haul it out. . .

*I also stopped procrastinating and finally emptied the mini fridge.  We carried it to the balcony and let it defrost overnight.  I then bleached the $%ER out of it and washed all its contents.  While I did that I rearranged the kitchen (including 2 cupboards) to make more counter space.  Took forever and was tedious.  The fridge is in a new place getting cool as we speak.  It looks nicer in here, things make better logistical sense, and there is more space.  It was tedious. . .

-We watched the final season of the L-Word on Sunday.  I had seen the previous 5 seasons, but not this one.  So I’m a bad lesbian for not knowing who the heck killed Jenny and by being 10-12 (?) years behind the times.  I thought the season was consistent with the others.  I screamed at the immorality of the characters in the same way I always have.  The only difference I saw was before the intro song they had a scene in which each character in turn had a bad-scene with Jenny and subsequently said they wanted to kill her.  And I thought that was entertaining.  Also, despite liking the way Jenny provoked everyone and moved the plot along, I think that’s bad writing.  Every character should have at least one redeeming quality, and they didn’t leave Jenny with ANY.  But I loved to hate her anyway.

-SPOILER ALERT–the thing nobody liked was the way the network and show made “Who Killed Jenny” the central point in the entire last season–then left you in the dark at the end.  They never directly say.  I didn’t think the finale sucked though–I thought everything was as tied up as it could be.  One forum-respondant put it nicely when they said, “when acquaintances come in and out of our real lives, we don’t get updates.”  And another who said, “We are allowed an intimate view of this friend-group’s lives, yet we are not part of their inner group–the finale and secret of who, if anyone, killed Jenny is a reminder of that.”  Personally I think everyone had motive, but nobody actually did it.  I think she was always on the edge and committed suicide.

-PS–TV series writers it’s lame to leave an open ending on a finale as a segway to your next project–especially if that spin-off never comes to fruition.  Finish the one entirely–for the viewers–then move into the next thing.

-Do not watch “Don Juan.”  I thought it was horrible based on it’s treatment of women throughout.  Awful.

-I told myself to sleep in til 4AM since I had an interview at 10:45AM, but my body got up at 3:15AM anyway.  So now I’m very tired and as a result–unproductive.  Which I really hate.  I should either be able to sleep or do things I need to do.  It’s not fair of my body to be too tired to do the things, but not be able to sleep.

Is this long enough to be a decent real-time post?  I want to make up my slacking, readers!

*It is now certainly too long.  Enjoy the last 2 weeks of my life.

Chipotle “Interview”

18 Aug

I’ve been waiting to post this, but I feel the time is now.  And I debated using the company’s name, but this is information widely available online, and Chipotle stands behind these hiring practices, so I figure it’s fair game.  All summer I searched and searched for a part time “summer” job.  It would have been ideal to work from the last week of May to the first week of August.  But things didn’t work out that way at all.  With my very specialized experience it was VERY difficult to secure any non-animal work.  At all.  Cleaning, restaurant, warehouse, service, laundry.  I tried to apply for anything, and wasn’t picky–except that it be actual part time (we are NOT talking 35 hour Wal-Mart part time, but more like half of full time).  Also, I didn’t want a night job–other then I guess, my cleaning position at Cat’s Meow which sometimes started as early as 3AM.  But that was MY choice and my sleep schedule, not imposed and consistent.  Anyhow, one of few (5 our of what felt like thousands of apps?) jobs that extended an interview offer to me was Chipotle. 

And I felt like finally I was a shoe-in for something.  The ad said “entry-level” and “part-time.”  And with my animal science DEGREE and one job at Campus Dining Services I thought I would be an obvious choice.  Plus, I like their food, and it is really close to school and home.  So I did a lot of research on their website.  Which was off-putting because I don’t really believe in “natural” marketing or organic or cage free–any of those jargon-y terms meant to evoke an emotional response from consumers who know very little about agriculture.  But I do strongly believe in ethics and it seemed like Chipotle (for stock numbers, or not) cared–or at least wanted to portray they did.  But I researched, researched, researched, putting aside my application to do so.

My story is the 2nd review.  You can see I’m not the only one that was annoyed.  Needless to say, I was unimpressed.  Job searching can be L-A-M-E.



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No Offer

Negative Experience

Average Interview

Crew Member Interview

Crew Member
 Spokane, WA

I applied online and the process took 4+ weeks – interviewed at Chipotle in May 2013.

Interview Details – I applied online and did not think much of it. A few months later I received an e-mail telling me that I had an interview the next week.

Upon arriving it was clear that this would be a group interview as one was already in the process. I sat with a few other girls until it was our interview time. We were offered drink cups but none of us took the offer.

The interview itself was strange. It felt like we were competing to see who would answer first and who would answer the best. The questions were basic though. Why chipotle? What do you know about Chipotle? Etc. The manager then told us a lot of background about Chipotle.
After the interview, he said he would call us if he wanted us to come back for a 2nd interview. Not even an hour later, I received a call from him asking me to come back the next day.

The next day, I was on my way to the interview when I saw I had a voicemail. It was the manager. He evidently was not aware before the 1st interview that I am 17 and you must be 18 to work at Chipotle. He basically was telling me not to come in so I wouldn’t waste my time. I do not believe this is professional whatsoever. They should really check the ages of the people they interview before hand.

Interview Question – What do you know about Chipotle? Do some research before the interview   Answer Question

pig in boots

2.  Crew Member Interview

Crew Member
Spokane, WA
I applied online and the process took 5 weeks – interviewed at Chipotle in July 2014.

Interview Details – The whole process seemed unorganized, and a little excessive for a fast food restaurant. It took 33 days from the time my application confirmation arrived to the e-mail invitation to an interview. They do not disclose the fact it will be a group interview, or inform you how many positions are available to fill. The manager met my group (of 6) 10-15 minutes later then the stated time, and took us outside in 89F to commence the interview. Literally one question was asked: “Introduce yourselves, tell us about what you like to do for fun, and oh by the way, why you’re interested in Chipotle.” We went around the table with answers then the rest of the time the manager talked about the company, himself, and hiring policies. He said he would look at our applications after this interview to check availability (ummm, shouldn’t this have been done first–like during the 4+ weeks between my application and interview??!) and call us probably tomorrow for a 2nd interview. Despite answering the only question well, two and a half hours post-interview I got an e-mail rejecting me. So I assume something on my application immediately disqualified me–something that should have been checked prior to wasting my time!

Interview Question – Just a basic introduction–but remember to bring in info about the company in your answer! Answer Question

Green Bluff 031


Jul 12, 2014

No Offer

Negative Experience

Very Easy Interview

Crew Member/Line Person Interview

Crew Member/Line Person
 Spokane, WA

I applied online – interviewed at Chipotle in July 2014.

Interview Details – I applied to Chipotle online and got an email a few days later saying I had an interview with them that Saturday. After extreme research on the company and reviewing all possible interview questions I felt very prepared. I went in and saw it was a group interview which I was not at all surprised considering I read other interview reviews on here. When I walked in they ere finishing up on another group interview so we sat their patiently. Then we went outside and talked. He asked everybody to write down our names and numbers on a sheet then asked everyone to answer what they knew about chipotle, what they like to do for fun, and what they were passionate about. After we all answered he just explained a lot about chipotle and asked an open question to the whole group of what we thought was the most important to the company: Food, Business, or People. I was the first to answer this question. He then talked more about the company and at the end asked if anyone had any questions. I asked how many open positions there were and no body else asked any questions. about 3 hours later I got an email telling me I didn't get the job.

Interview Question – There was only one real question. "What do you know about Chipotle, what are you passionate about, and what do you do on your free time.   View Answer

Cat Feeding Wars

17 Aug

Food can quickly become a battle with your cats.  And suddenly, we were in the middle of it.  The signs:

-both cats got fatKidron's NV pics 104parasailing 013

-Goose was always hungry

-Choco-Luv would wake us up early in the morning to feed her

-Goose would fuss several times during the night for food

-Goose would do naughty things night and day to get us to feed them

-Cool and I were both feeding them, but not communicating when, so they were getting extra

-Cool was confused about the amount to feed so they were getting double

Like I said, all of a sudden we were in deep.

But I’m no novice at feeding issues, as I’ve witnessed the vets dispensing advice to frustrated and tired owners countless times over the years.  Aside from inappropriate peeing, and scratching, it may be the 3rd most common kitty complaint.  I’m no expert either since companion animal behavior and nutrition aren’t hit super-hard in an Animal Science program, but I had some tricks up my sleeve.

Here’s what I did in the order I did it:

-took away the large bowl and set out 2 MUCH smaller bowlsheadphones 007Dscn0176

-took away free-feeding, leave-the-bowl out & full all the time and made set meals

-put Cool in charge of the AM feeding and me in charge of the PM feeding (she goes to work at 4PM, and that’s too early for dinner)

-never rewarded bad behavior with food

-made the meal times specific at 7AM and 7PM

-decided on a set amount to feed the cats (1/2 cup per cat per day, which is probably still too much given the calories-dense foods of today and Goose’s low activity level)

-Put unopened soup cans in the middle of the food bowls to slow them down

-made 4 feedings in a 24 hour period to satisfy their hungry and decrease gorging behavior

-gave treats instead of food between meals if they seemed starving or were acting very bad

-observed Choco-Luv barfing because she had gorged on the food too fast and wondered if Goose was getting any food at all.

-fed each cat their set amount in separate rooms and picked the bowls up when they stopped eating.

This last step seems to have made a huge difference.  And now I wonder if Choco-Luv has been eating both her and Goose’s portions this entire time so that he legitimately WAS starving 24/7 like he said. . .  Now that they’re separated, neither one of them finishes the whole portion of food (unheard of just days ago).  Maybe it has been a competitive thing this whole time?  Hopefully, the cat food wars are about to have a peace treaty so the cats aren’t constantly asking for demanding food and we are not bending over backwards to accommodate our cat feeding schedule.

Possible Concert Sign Content

15 Aug

I think we’re going to take a sign to the Gorge this year.  One side will be for Brandi and the other for DMB–so we don’t have to cart around 2 of them.  It needs to be eye-catching, but short.  And I want it to be original, but I’m sure all the cute puns and stuff have already been done. . .  Here’s some ideas I found by going through song titles and lyrics.  

Brandi Carlile:Brandi tim and phil

-Brandi:  Floating on YOUR Silver Cloud

-DREAMS of meeting Brandi

-Just Wanna be closer to Brandi Carlile

-Brandi’s In My Dreams

-Raise Hell, Brandi

-Brandi you hung the moon

-Brandi you make me feel like a million bucks

-A Brandi fan for 60 years on


DMB:DMB Austin


-DMB best of what’s around

-want to see you EVERYDAY, DMB

-“hello again” DMB

-DMB “1 in a million”

-better time then most can dream

-DMB better then the best

-celebrate we will

-DMB:  little taste of the good life

-DMB you make it all alright

-DMB did it for us allRaleigh 2014--light streaming

-DMB it’s been too long

-crushed 15 million with the weight of your hand

-big-eyed FANS

After we decide on a slogan for each side, we’ll have to come up with logistics.  Do we want to cut a cardboard box and use it?  Maybe just a large poster paper so we could potentially roll it up.  Then, check all spelling, obv.  And the fun part–colors!

Clinical Methods Activities

14 Aug

I keep looking to see if this draft was published.  Doesn’t seem to be, which surprises me very much since I wrote it in April.  I thought it was finished and posted–guess not?  Anyway, here are some brainstorming deals for my semester project.  I had to come up with 2 activities, 1 for an adult, and 1 for a child under the scope of practice for SLPs.  Here are the things :


Adult Client:

I will write words on Wal-Mart paint sample color swatches.

We play “dominoes” by pronouncing the proper word,

then placing a swatch with the same FIRST letter as the LAST letter of the prior word.

Exp:  doG-GoaT-Tiger-RaiN-News-SanD-Dominoes

Spring Finals 021


Present a Cloze sentence, and they pick the strip then place it next to the strip that goes with it.  Place a tile containing the word horse on one side and rain on the other.  Say the sentence, “You stay dry in the rain by using an ___________”.  The P has to say “umbrella,” then place the tile next to rain, rather than horse.

flashcards 003

Child Client:

I put paperclips on the word flashcards I have from another project.

I tape a magnet to a yard stick (I checked w/my instructor and I won’t actually have to turn a yard stick in)

I spread the flashcards around the floor.

a)  They pronounce the word as they pick it up with their “metal detector”

if it’s correct they get to keep their treasure, if not it stays on the floor.

b) I read a word from my list

the child must find that on the floor and pronounce it before picking it up w/their “metal detector”

c)I present a Cloze sentence, and the child must fill in the blank by picking up the correct word off the floor w/their detector.

Metal Detecting for Words:

Put paperclips on word flashcards, spread them on the floor, and attach a magnet to a yard stick.

The P pronounces the word correctly 3 times before she is allowed to pick it up with the metal detector.

Then “metal-detect” words/sounds/sentences we’re working on by picking up the correct card with the stick-magnet and putting it in a bag/bucket/folder!