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Experience 2006 [Another One]

9 Aug

What can I say?  I applied to 10 different schools at various times so I have written a lot of these essays.  And I’m tired right now so you get to see yet another one.  I’m sure they’re beginning to look similar. . .

prevet 041

Gaining experience with a variety of species has helped me become more competent with different species. I am now comfortable in many arenas of veterinary medicine.

Seattle zoo turtleI observed many veterinarians in small animal practice. I have assisted with radiographs, setting our machine without a measurement chart and developing the radiographs in a dip tank. I ran urinalysis and fecal floats, filled prescriptions, performed pre-surgery blood panels, administered subcutaneous fluids, and glued due-claw removals. I have trimmed bird nails and wings, gave a turtle a Baytril injection, and force fed a chinchilla, ferrets, and a snake. I can prepare for surgery as well as monitor anesthetic. I assisted with minor procedures (held puss pockets in pyometra surgery, injected atropine during a colonectomy, twisted a rod in place during an orthopedic surgery). I was able to perform a prophy, helped drain an abscess, and put a skin suture in my own cat’s abdomen after her spay. I observed third eyelid removal, unblocking of feline urinary tract, a broken jaw wired together, amputations, a blood transfusion, artificial insemination, ultrasounds, and cesarean-sections.

I have an array of large animal experiences. I worked at Equine Medical Services, Inc. where my responsibilities were gallopcleaning stalls, bedding, feeding, and medicating the horses. I caught horses for various purposes as well. I have also gone out with Dr. Chapman to vaccinate and pull blood for Coggins tests. Dr. Chapman took me to observe a swine operation for eight hours. I also went to Fishers Hog Farm for six hours. I learned a lot of intricacies of raising hogs. My large animal experience also includes working on a research project that studied heat stress in dairy cows. I recorded temperatures and respiration rates, monitored cows for signs of mastitis, fed, and cleaned the cows. I also milked the cows at 4 AM and 4 PM. I was able to draw blood from the tail vein and observe a liver biopsy.

pygmy_like_da_bananaMy experience with exotic animals consists of observing Dr. Minor vaccinate wolves, volunteering at D-D Animal Sanctuary with the large cats, and accompanying Dr. Sharp on his rounds at Charles River Laboratories. He checked stools of the Cynomolgus macaques, Cynomolgus rhesus, and marmosets, looked for lesions and possible research-ending health problems, and prescribed medication. I was able to remove sutures from one of the monkeys and feed crackers to the monkeys in the group pens.

The animal experience I have gained has proven invaluable. I am more familiar with a variety of species and veterinary practice in general. I have realized through experience, veterinary medicine is definitely the career I want to have.