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Clinical Methods Activities

14 Aug

I keep looking to see if this draft was published.  Doesn’t seem to be, which surprises me very much since I wrote it in April.  I thought it was finished and posted–guess not?  Anyway, here are some brainstorming deals for my semester project.  I had to come up with 2 activities, 1 for an adult, and 1 for a child under the scope of practice for SLPs.  Here are the things :


Adult Client:

I will write words on Wal-Mart paint sample color swatches.

We play “dominoes” by pronouncing the proper word,

then placing a swatch with the same FIRST letter as the LAST letter of the prior word.

Exp:  doG-GoaT-Tiger-RaiN-News-SanD-Dominoes

Spring Finals 021


Present a Cloze sentence, and they pick the strip then place it next to the strip that goes with it.  Place a tile containing the word horse on one side and rain on the other.  Say the sentence, “You stay dry in the rain by using an ___________”.  The P has to say “umbrella,” then place the tile next to rain, rather than horse.

flashcards 003

Child Client:

I put paperclips on the word flashcards I have from another project.

I tape a magnet to a yard stick (I checked w/my instructor and I won’t actually have to turn a yard stick in)

I spread the flashcards around the floor.

a)  They pronounce the word as they pick it up with their “metal detector”

if it’s correct they get to keep their treasure, if not it stays on the floor.

b) I read a word from my list

the child must find that on the floor and pronounce it before picking it up w/their “metal detector”

c)I present a Cloze sentence, and the child must fill in the blank by picking up the correct word off the floor w/their detector.

Metal Detecting for Words:

Put paperclips on word flashcards, spread them on the floor, and attach a magnet to a yard stick.

The P pronounces the word correctly 3 times before she is allowed to pick it up with the metal detector.

Then “metal-detect” words/sounds/sentences we’re working on by picking up the correct card with the stick-magnet and putting it in a bag/bucket/folder!