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Possible Concert Sign Content

15 Aug

I think we’re going to take a sign to the Gorge this year.  One side will be for Brandi and the other for DMB–so we don’t have to cart around 2 of them.  It needs to be eye-catching, but short.  And I want it to be original, but I’m sure all the cute puns and stuff have already been done. . .  Here’s some ideas I found by going through song titles and lyrics.  

Brandi Carlile:Brandi tim and phil

-Brandi:  Floating on YOUR Silver Cloud

-DREAMS of meeting Brandi

-Just Wanna be closer to Brandi Carlile

-Brandi’s In My Dreams

-Raise Hell, Brandi

-Brandi you hung the moon

-Brandi you make me feel like a million bucks

-A Brandi fan for 60 years on


DMB:DMB Austin


-DMB best of what’s around

-want to see you EVERYDAY, DMB

-“hello again” DMB

-DMB “1 in a million”

-better time then most can dream

-DMB better then the best

-celebrate we will

-DMB:  little taste of the good life

-DMB you make it all alright

-DMB did it for us allRaleigh 2014--light streaming

-DMB it’s been too long

-crushed 15 million with the weight of your hand

-big-eyed FANS

After we decide on a slogan for each side, we’ll have to come up with logistics.  Do we want to cut a cardboard box and use it?  Maybe just a large poster paper so we could potentially roll it up.  Then, check all spelling, obv.  And the fun part–colors!