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Water to Urine (just in case you were curious)

24 Aug

I really want to continue drinking 8+ cups of water each day.  And the best way to day that is to get them in early.  Which is easier said then done when there are items on the agenda.  When I’m home all day or when I set my own schedule–no problem.  But when class and work dictates my time, peeing becomes a big factor.  There is nothing worse then being stuck somewhere and having to use the bathroom really bad.  Concentration suffers, you can’t be still, the public restroom may become a necessity, and nobody likes that story.  I hate public bathrooms.  They’re dirty, not private, and it’s not super convenient when I want to get a seat, pay attention in class or work hard as the case may be.

So in preparation of resuming school and work I timed my drinking and urinary habits for 11 days.  Then I can average the time between when water is consumed and when I have to pee.  This will allow me to figure out the window I need to finish my water in order not to have the urge to use the bathroom when I’m out & about.


Seriously, I know you’re thinking I’m insane right now–but this makes a lot of sense.  Here’s the info gleaned from my experiment (just the time-interval between water and urination):

D1:  3 hr 10 min

D2:  2 hr 5-10 min

D3:  45 min earliest, 3 hours last

D4:  40 min 1st to 2.5 hr last

D5:  1 hr & 2 hr

D6:  2 hr

D7:  1 hr & 3 hr 40 min

D8:  30 min

D9:  30 min 1st to 1 hr 15 min last

D10:  Coffee became involved, confounding results, so I threw this day’s data out

D 11:  1 hr 1st to 1 hr 45 min

Sutro Pool Party 017

With all data (excluding day 10) that’s an average of 2 hours 11 minutes between.

The soonest I had to go was an average of 1 hour

The average of the last time I had to pee post water was 2 hours 35 minutes

That means I can drink water for my 11AM class anywhere from 8-10AM without having to use the bathroom.

And for my 10 AM class my water drinking window is 7-9AM.

For work, I have from 5-7PM on Thursday and 12:30-2:30PM on weekends.