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Updated Attractive (Male) Celebrities

4 Sep

The Gorge masterpost is coming up, but I want to do it justice, so today I’m going with another draft.  When I get more free time, I’ll finish the story.  But for now–Here’s the newest version of my (male) hottie list.  As a lesbian, it’s difficult to pick, this is not some sex-sexy list!  But I do have eyes so I do notice some things.  I like a friendly face, good hair, nice smile, a well-cared-for body = muscles, and good style.  Some of these dudes look better in movies or in motion, but some are captured well in pics.  Anyway, here’s a list of a few good men:

My ex-boyfriend Paul Walker is removed from the list.  I didn’t know he was a gross pedo-type.  He groomed and preyed upon his 2nd young wife, and that makes him *yuck* no matter how pretty the face.  Don’t look too hard at the people you like if you don’t wanna be disappointed.

Annnnnd Replacing the number one spot:  A tie

Scott Brothers 4 Scott Brothers 5 Scott Brothers 6 Scott Brothers 8 Scott Brothers 9

The Property Brothers, twins Johnathan and Drew Scott.  They are model-handsome and it conveys on their HGTV show AND in pics–which rarely occurs.  They’re rugged, stylish, funny, and did I mention handsome?  We love their show on TV and can’t get enough eye-candy.

Sccott Brothers 7

Scott Brothers 1 Scott Brothers 2

Scott Brothers 3

Mark Wahlburg–Used to be #2.  But ruined it by perpetrating TWO hate crimes that I didn’t know about before.  He’s off the list-because that is ugly.

Scott Eastwood- He’s got that pretty face, but also a ruggedness.  He’s a good dresser. And the abs don’t hurt my feelings.










Harry Connick Jr-

he looks NICE.  Like he’s a nice, friendly person, approachable.

He also gets points for style

and muscle.

Harry Connick Jr--fancyHarry Connick Jr--pin stripesHarry Connick Jr--suit

LL Cool J

Great skin!

Awesome muscles

good smile

LL Cool J--muscles

LL Cool J--smile

LL Cool J--stylin

Boris Kudjoe–

points for style, nice smile, and obviously muscles galore

(he may actually be at the top of my list, now that I see the pics).

Boris--suitBoris--absBoris Kudjoe--face

young, clean-cut, pre-cheating Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt--blondeBrad Pitt--light stubble

Matthew McConahay

before he lost a bunch of weight that made him look weird and old?

He has style (when he’s dressed) and nice muscles and a friendly face.  Also, take a lesson people, and don’t smoke TOO much weed.  Because it makes you feel super-clever, and you drone on and on too long.  And maybe even get so arrogant as to run for political office despite having zero experience or knowledge.  STOP IT.

Matthew McConahay--Magic MikeMatthew M 3

Ryan Reynolds–blondie, tousled hair, boyish face and good abs.  Plus, he just looks like a nice dude–and he’s funny.

Ryan Reynolds--open shirtRyan Reynolds--toussled hair


good dresser


beautiful, clear skin

Jeremih--nice suitJeremih-luminescent skin