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Tough Job Interview Q’s. . . And Good A’s for Them

6 Sep

I plan to write a post about my new job, but I’m tired right now.  And I have to go there in next to no time.  And I still have to finish my Labor Dave Weekend post.

So until then, here’s a draft from the summer when I was interviewing so much.  I’m not super great at interviews, just because I’d really only had vet interviews, which as I’ve mentioned are a whole different thing.  Here’s some common questions and what I think maybe would go over well.

I skipped the what’s your greatest weakness, or give a specific example of a problem or failure and how you handled it.  I have no idea what to say to that one, and I’ve fallen flat on that a few times.  Next time I am on the job market, I’ll have to think of something good for that.  I did include just a couple that might help:

vet tech what i really do

1.  Why do you want to work here/what makes you best for this job?

Give an example of something you like about the company–a core value.  Say that since you believe in this philosophy also, and it’s easier to work diligently when your values align with the company’s. That internal motivation to work succeed for the company provides more incentive than anything else.

2Handling a Challenging Customer
Handing a challenge does not always have to do with previous experience because what happens before to a challenge is a specific situation which ends up creating a challenge or an obstacle for someone .How I handle a challenge is by first understanding what the real situation is which led to this problem/challenge or an obstacle,second by defining the the challenge with broad picture,third suggesting possible solutions and selecting one solution,forth understanding what impact will the suggested solution will have on the business/operation of the business and lastly implementing the suggested solution not forgetting to make follow up on the suggested solution.

3.  How do you handle simultaneous people while maintaining outstanding customer service?

In-person takes priority over the phone, so let voicemail get it or get a phone number if possible.  Always acknowledge every customer with at least eye contact and hopefully “I’ll be with you in a moment.”  Help people in the order they arrived.