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2007 Vet Motivation: MU

27 Sep

Sorry I have to do this to you again.  I’m real, real busy right now.  I’ll try to post something incredible early neek week–we’ll see.


I feel most rewarded when I am involved the field of veterinary medicine. At the early age of eleven, I volunteered 633 hours at my local veterinary hospital. This experience provided me with knowledge of the career, and cemented my aspirations of being a veterinarian.

Despite what some may consider negative aspects of veterinary medicine, I love the profession and aim to take an active role in it as long as I am able to work. I learned the work can be physically grueling, mentally exhausting, and emotionally draining, but I am prepared to compensate with the athleticism, analytical competence, and rationality that I have seen my veterinary mentors display. I would be personally unfulfilled if I did not spend time in a veterinary setting.

One day I hope to own a mixed animal practice in my hometown, where I can raise the level of animal care while keeping prices reasonable. I plan to provide high availability to my clients and see a variety of species. Though it has taken me several attempts to get into veterinary school, I have not become discouraged. I want more than ever to become a doctor of small animal medicine with an emphasis on exotics.

An important trait I possess is people skills, which will help me work with clients, employees, and collogues as a practicing veterinarian. My compassion and patience are evident through my community service work with children, the disabled, and elderly people, as well as my experience teaching clogging classes to all ages in the community. My service-oriented jobs in reception and food services prove that I have the communication skills necessary to speak to clients and educate them on animal health issues.

My academic success, multiple leadership experiences, and good citizenship enabled me to acquire scholarship funding for much of my college education. These traits will serve me well in the field of veterinary medicine when I need to remember a vast amount of information, run a business, and communicate with people. I also have the strength and endurance required for the physical aspects of veterinary medicine. My involvement and achievements in volleyball, cheerleading, and track also shows that I display the responsibility, dedication, and drive required both athletes and veterinarians.

I was instrumental in implementing service learning for school credit in my county. I accomplished this by creating and presenting a power point of my volunteer time at Dayton Valley Veterinary Hospital to the school board. The presentation was well received and the school board adopted the service learning program. Another veterinary-related presentation that shows my enthusiasm for the career is my presentation of my summer internship at Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital. I articulated what I learned to freshmen in the animal science department. It is opportunities like these that show the passion I feel for the career of veterinary medicine.