Oct Goal Accountability

30 Oct

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily.

Unfortunately no.  I slipped a few nights because I was tired.  Or because I forget to do it at 4PM before I go to work.  It doesn’t make sense to do it before I eat.  But sometimes at midnight, I’m just so done for that I can’t manage it.  In November, I’m going to try to do it every night no matter what.

-drink water.Kidron's post b-day pics 035

I’ve had 7-16 glasses every day.  I never expected to be able to drink so much, and I certainly didn’t expect chapped lips and concentrated urine if I had “only” 10 glasses.  I’m going for 12/d next month–to help flush all the sugar out of my body.

-read for pleasure.

Not even close to a thing.  Reading notes and textbooks is as far as I’ve taken it.  Plus, I no longer lie awake for any length of time before bed.  My head hits the pillow between 12:30 and 1AM and it’s right to sleep.  I’ll do double-time reading when the semester is over.

-weekly massage.

Also not a thing.  Our schedules are late-night now, so there is no awake time to do so.  I think in November we could manage this on Sunday.  Though I’m notoriously dead-tired that day.  It’s not fair, I feel more hung over from post-work then I did as a drinker.  Fatigue, body soreness, mental tiredness, and UNproductive is how my Sundays have been going lately.

-abstain from drinking.

Even though fall-brews are my favorite beer, especially pumpkin ales, I’ve abstained.  As a result, I’ve treated myself to waaaaaaaaaaay too much candy, caramel dip, Pizza Hut, and junky, shitty food that makes me feel more tired then I already am.  I shouldn’t have to feel totally punished and go without everything though!  It’s bad enough I have to work on Halloween (4:30PM-12:30AM) to add insult to injury.

-study habits.dissecting Eugene 068

You see, MY things haven’t changed.  But about at the halfway point of the semester, both my professors simultaneously realized class was moving too slow to get through the material.  So my phonetics exam got moved 5 weeks sooner and out transcriptions tests got pushed closer as well.  So it’s test after test in that class.  Literally–every class session is a test.  And we got to microneurology which is intense and has a vocab all it’s own, so my teacher has been doing the sneaky–learn this at home, memorize that chart on your own time, and study this power-point on your own.  In essence double-tripling the amount of material we will be tested on without taking any class time to go over it.  This sucks, and double-triples my test-prep and study-time for that class.  Add in tutoring demand and transcriptions for my professor friend–I feel like all I’m doing is school and work.  I’ll be relieved when the semester is over–and yet I’m not stressed out?!  I can’t explain this either.  Very busy, but not overwhelmed. . .


October has been not so good on the eating front.  And because life has me so busy, I started running the mile as fast as I could muster (8.5-9 min on average) which was not so fast.  So I lot at least a min of speed since the summer, and because I was trying to rush through, no incline.  I changed my lazy ways and started running on incline again when I noticed my love handles re-appear.  They had been a staple of my body since puberty, but had disappeared as of late.  Well, apparently, it was thanks to daily treadmilling incline they had.  So now I’m jogging up a hill while looking at my notes.  I promise to be so much better in November and try to add in produce and stick with chicken and rice and such to feel better again.  Sugar is getting heavily reduced!

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.

Only so-so.  I do fall asleep immediately now, so I can’t list what I’m thankful for prior to sleep.  But I have been tending to wake up in the early morning, and recite the positive things to fall back asleep.  I’ve gotten annoyed by inefficiency at work and I need to chill out and let them do things their way–even if they don’t make sense and are slower then need be.  What do I care?

March=straighten out sleep.

I think as long as I have both this job and school it’s not all that possible.  I am trying to maintain a strict routine, and even have the cats trained to it.  The time-change will put a crimp in our style, but we’re getting ready for that early (and slowly) so it doesn’t whack us out.  In November I’m going to do my best to sleep in until at least 9AM since I’m now a night person.

April=save $$$.thumbs up poster

Now that I’m making money this should be easier.  But I bought a discounted snowboard at the swap, which will save tons of money in the long run, but didn’t allow me to put any aside in October.  I also found out that my big plan to take half-time credits in order to get another loan disbursement and keep my undergrad loans on forbearance is made impossible by the loan companies.  You have to take at least 6 credits towards a degree.  And since I’ve completed all the post-bac courses, there’s nothing left “towards my degree.”  Total bummer–and a game-changer for spring semester.


What was I thinking?  No way will this be possible.  But next semester (when I’m not a student) I do want to shadow an AuD.


New meds are making life great again.  When Cool is her old self, things are wonderful.  She went through a mania earlier in the month, but we recognized it early on and followed the proper medication changes, and things have calmed down nicely.  I hope this version of Cool gets to stay a long, long time! *crosses fingers*  It’s easy to compliment her and get along well when we’re not dealing with bipolar moods, anxiety symptoms, or medication side-effects.

July=my appearance.

Also not a thing.  And fuck my circle of gray hair that won’t remain dyed for long at all.  Am I supped to dye my damn hair every 2 weeks?!  I am in too much of a hurry for jewelry or makeup on most days also.  I don’t care what I look like at work, since I’m just scrubbing toilets anyway.  In November, I’ll try to put on quick makeup/perfume/jewelry (one of those things) for class at least.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.

I got slightly stressed out about work, but I realize that stressing out about this particular job is a waste.  I don’t always have to overachieve, don’t always have to rise to the top, and don’t always have to strive to make things run better.  My new plan is to fly under the radar, do my time, then move.  Who cares if some things are stupid?  Not me.

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.dissecting Eugene 027

Ha ha.  Now that I’m a night person (and am working/exhausted Thursday-Sunday) I have no idea when to shop.  Cool does a good job getting items we ran out of at Safeway, but it’s not the same as generating a menu, making a list, and going to Grocery Outlet together with a list.  I do not have high hopes for the rest of the semester though.  Maybe we can at least make a manu. . .

Oct=don’t over-pluck.

If anything, I have been under-plucking.  When I’m home I’m pretty much incapacitated by soreness and tiredness, so no worries.

Nov=Increase eye contact.

I am naturally terrible at this.  Trouble is, I don’t realize it’s happening until AFTER the encounter is completely over.  I need to think about it before or during in November.

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