Dec Goal Accountability

29 Dec

I’ll do a very short accountability recap, because I plan to have a larger ‘how did 2014 go’ post in the next couple of days.

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily.  epic. fail.

-drink water.  Also, fell a little short in December.

-read for pleasure.  Didn’t happen at all.

x-mas 2014

-weekly massage.  Not a thing.

-abstain from drinking.  Yay!  I did one–or didn’t rather–maybe that’s the key in December?!

-study habits.  Good when I was studying for finals, but the 2nd half of the month didn’t really require it.

January=fitness.  Great!  For running daily, that is.  Not so good on eating healthy.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.  I was too tired mostly.

March=straighten out sleep.  Umm, I think without animals, I could have accomplished this, but little cats and dogs negated this pretty much daily.

April=save $$$.  I will save my house-sitting money!  But no, didn’t in December with all the gift-giving.

May=volunteer.  Changed my mind.

June=Cool.  So-So.

July=my appearance.  Not awesome.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.  Maybe, it wasn’t a concentrated effort crossing

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.  We did this for Christmas–but at no other time.

Oct=don’t over-pluck.  I think my eyebrows are breaking out?  When did this become a thing???

Nov=Increase eye contact.  Yes–with my boss, because he has hearing loss and it was necessary.

Dec–I’ll talk about this is the larger post.

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