What I Learned from My July Issue

5 Jan

As mandated by by 2015 New Years resolution, I’m trying to stay aprised of my new field. I have journals, e-mails from professional memberships, community forums of AuDs and students, and the internet to leaf through. The goal: Just to remember anything–or the gist of what the audiology field is about, what’s important, and what’s new. So here’s what I learned today:

bling h-haid

-only 20% of those who COULD benefit from hearing aids, get them.
-Those who seek treatment, wait an average of 10 years before being fitted with their first hearing aid.

-91% of adults have a cell phone, and 60% have Smartphones.
-The fastest growing demographic of Smartphone users are 55-64 years old.
-74% of people aged 65 and up have a cell phone.

To connect the phone to hearing technlogies, AuD’s should:
1] stay apprised of new technologies and be ready to answer Qs

freq inside cochlea

-over 50 OTC products claim to alleviate or cure tinnitus–none of them are FDA approved.
-AuD Tinnitus Eval
1) detailed case history
2) review current meds & side-effects
3) review diet + supplements
4) establish a timeline of any meds/nutrition changes and notice of tinnitus
5) otologic exam
6) blood work
7) comprehensive audiological eval (include otoacoustic emissions)
8) self-assessment tool for tinnitus handicap

fractal 406

This one’s short and sweet and really just getting into the routine and getting started.  I’ll post some new info periodically (at least once a week, probably more) as I learn new stuff.  This is exciting and will help prepare me for my interview–school–my career.

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