Lots of Little Things

7 Jan

My future is on hold as I wait to hear from my (1) potential school. Again. And I only have 1 because the others just weren’t feasible. Either I couldn’t take my family–mate and cats (Seattle), or we couldn’t afford housing (everywhere), or there were no jobs (Idaho), or the moving expenses were too much because it was farther away (Kansas). So I’ve had to put all my eggs in one basket. Again.

But what do you do? I have to live within my finances and this is it. So I’m waiting, but trying to squeeze so many things into the time.

-Delve into my professional journals

-Prepare, plan, and PAY for the interview

-Get apprised of the general news

-Clean things out, organize, and pack

-organize school supplies and notes

-Read things I haven’t had time to finish (or start as the case may be)


When I write it out, the list doesn’t seem overwhelming, but all those things do add up to a lot of time. So I’m trying to do lots of little things every day.  We’ll see how productive I can be.

I felt like I had more to say then this, but I guess that’s really it for now. . .  To flesh out the post, I’ll talk about what I learned about Hearing Aids and The Brain (journal article)

-Children have best results if they are implanted with their cochlear implant no later then their 1st birthday.  Cortical responses can differentiate neural signals initiated by an auditory signal from random noise.  In lay terms, Cortical Responses give information that a signal has proceeded through a device and is being interpreted by an infant’s brain.

-auditory evoked potentials can be used in pediatrics to estimate aided audibility, assess speech discrimination, and

-Hearing aids raise the sound, but also the noise-floor.  Altering signal to noise ratios can interfere w/biological codes that encode stimulus intensity level–which has implications for design of future hearing aids.

-People with hearing loss have to use working memory to understand auditory cues.

more toorrow–this article is MUCH longer than I thought.

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