Feb Goal Accountability

24 Feb

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

A+  It’s 2/20 and I’ve done 415 days in a row.

2.  Read and outline all my textbooks before school begins in the fall.

F-  My future is still up in the air, so I haven’t purchased textbooks yet.  When I find out though–I’ll be on it!

2a.  keep up on making my flash cards and study sheets as close after class as possible–for every class. All semester.

C  This isn’t quite a thing, but I did pull some flashcards out of my stock to study for my interview.  Just in case they ask any technical basics.

3.  Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

F-  I’ve yet to do this, but I might have things to put in after my trip to Utah.  Wait–I can put 2 things about my observation at the ENT yesterday.  I’ll do it right now.  

B–b/c of late effort.

3a.  listing (in my head) what I’m thankful for daily.

D  I have been falling asleep quickly which means I’m slacking on this.

3b.  I want to appreciate nature, love, and things I already have.

C  I haven’t actively been appreciative, but I did stop being sad about missing out.  Though I’d love to get DMB concert tickets and see Brandi at both Bonnaroo and SXSW, I have stopped feeling sorry for myself.  Seeing my coworkers at the Y miss out also, and realizing that MOST people miss out helped.

3c.  Worrying can only take up a maximum of 15 minutes/day. EVERY day.

A-  I have been SO much better with this!  Even though I was going to a new place to observe, and have an interview next week where I’m one of 30 vying for 8-15 class spots–it’s out of my control.  So I’m preparing where I can and leaving it alone otherwise.

4.  Dental health. Floss daily

D-  Because of tiredness.  I can’t wait to get away from the swing shift schedule because it makes my life harder.  My motivation is sapped by fatigue on most days.  But if I try to go to bed early, I lie there because my body has adapted to 12:30AM.  Only a few more months. . .

4a.  brush twice daily for an adequate time

A  Though flossing is not as much of a thing as it should be, this is routine.

4b.  find a way to make the dentist happen at least once in the next year.

Depending on where my life and finances go, I don’t think this will be happening.  Maybe if I get some sort of health insurance through school it can happen.  Hopefully, my teeth don’t rot for lack of funds before then.

full turtle anatomy

2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):

#1: Get the money. Make it, keep it.

A+  I signed up for those extra corporate hours, and I have been putting that money away.

1a.  I would like to do the 365 day money challenge where you save a dollar +1 every week of the year.

F- I’ve just been putting everything away.

1b.  Sell a minimum of 1 item on Craigslist per month

F-  Craigslist sucks.  But I haven’t taken the time to find an alternative, so we have a literal pile of things that can be sold in the path.  This needs to happen after my interview!

1bi.  have one yard sale.

F- I really wish I had a yard!  I think some of this pile would sell easily, but without a yard. . .  How?  Maybe I can take it to Nevada when I clean out my storage and have it in my parent’s yard.

1c.  Apply for every funding opportunity at UUuu garden 3

N/A  I’m waiting to find out.

1ci.  go for scholarships once I’m eligible for them.

N/A  ditto

2a.  read the journals (minimum of average of 1/wk)

C-  I have been reading journal articles on my breaks at work 3 days a week.

2ai.  e-mails

A+  I’ve been doing a lot of this, but it’s tedious and I will stop doing it multiple times a week once I’ve had my interview.

2aii.  forums

A  I checked out all the $$$$ topics on the audiology forums and then stopped looking because it was a little a lot discouraging that most people get loans.

2aiii.  national news

A++  Every day I get CNN over my FB notifications.  They take over, reading them is a full time job, and I don’t care.  I can’t wait to climb back under my rock after my interview-sheesh.

2b.  practice and prepare for the interview (at least 1 question/wk)

B-  I’ve been slightly slacky, but I think it’s good not to sound too rehearsed.  I’m going to bring my answers and look at them at work over the next few days and maybe bring them on the bus.,

2c.  really follow-up on observing an AuD. I need at least 3 hours for admission to UU

A+  I cold-called the local ENT and actually got in!  I did 6.5 hours putting me over the min, and asked to come back in 2 weeks, which they approved.  I feel relieved about this one in particular.

new hay cut

#3: Cool.  Defined as:

3a) tolerant = overlook silliness, don’t engage or poke the bear.

3b) Affectionate = say random I love yous, introduce touching (nuff said, and you get the idea).

3c) Sweet = make a spontaneous grand gesture, do something for her, that I maybe don’t normally like or do.

-So there was mania and the frustrations that go with that earlier in the month.  I could have ignored the irritability and argumentativeness (constant arguing!) a little better.  At the end of the month, she was more stable and I tried to be affectionate, but also could have done more.  So an overall C+.

pretty salmon salad

#4: Make a menu

F terrible.

4a.  do a grocery list

A  This happened.

4b.  grocery shop 1x/wk

D  I think Cool has gone alone, but at least it’s the Outlet, not more expensive stores.

4c.  cook 5 days of cooking per week grow it to all 7.

F—  How many minuses am I allowed to write?  I’m SO super lazy.  My dad would be horrified, but I really never cook at all.  No boiling water, not in the microwave, not even a sandwich.  If I can’t grab it and immediately put it in my mouth–or if Cool doesn’t prepare it–it’s not happening.  This is terrible and embarrassing, but difficult to get a routine for.

5a.  Finally cleaning, organizing, and packing (pick one new area every non-work day).

B- I’ve done the desk, the bookshelves, and the kitchen, but not a new spot every day.

bud (3)

March–go to bed early when I can, be productive!

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