Moving is Expensive

8 Apr

I have 10 days to pack everything.  And take care of the rest of the moving logistics.  Things are moving fast and furious!!!  Because I don’t have time right now for a legit post, here are some moving quotes I had to research.  There has been a LOT of research as of late.  Maybe this can save someone the trouble of having to go through this internet and phone stuff to get bits and pieces of info slowly.

Laurel's pics 026

Uhaul (4d & 851 mi)
3rd Ave P/U

15′ (only $8 more then 10′) uhaul:
Sat 4/17-4/22 (p/u sat vs sun didn’t change price) = $70 insurance => $470

?round trip & req specific P/U & D/O time = $19.95 + 0.59/mile (4 hr only???)


Laurel's pics 024

Budget (4d & unlimited miles; must reserve specific P/U & D/O times)
1-800-455-1332 6:30AM – 12:00AM CST
division P/U
must D/O by 10:30AM or additional $70/d fee
-no insurance offered in internet OR phone quote.  Which is really annoying and negates price-comparison.  Also, if you call you will get a very heavy dialected speaker.

16′ = $296.12
10′ = $341.20
[insurance has to be $6-$55 to beat Pensky price]

round trip (10′) = $19.99/d (4/19-4/23) + $0.59/mi (720 x 2) = ($79.96 + $849.60) => $929.56


Laurel's pics 019

Penske (Sat-4/22–can extend dates by 3d if done ahead of time; unlimited milage)
closed Sun
$88 for insurance

12′ = $396 (about $484 w/insurance)
16′ = $306 ($403 w/insurance)

round trip (4/18-4/23) & req specific P/U & D/O time = $166.60 + $0.70/mi (about 720 miles 1 way) = $1174.60

Penske w/Triple A dic (Sat-4/22) = $366.28

Laurel's pics 025

Because of my Triple A membership, it makes most sense for me to go through Penske.  And hopefully we can fit everything we need inside, drive the thing, and not get really effed in fuel costs.

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