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April Goal Accountability

26 May

Those of you astute enough to see the pattern may have realized I neglected to write this post.  The reason is that the goals–my January goals are not all that pertinent anymore.  I’m going to have to re-evaluate and write new ones more aligned with my current situation.

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

A+  Done–AND I hit day 500 in a row!

3.  Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

F-  Also neglected.

3a.  listing (in my head) what I’m thankful for daily.

F+  I have not really done this.  Except twice.

3b.  I want to appreciate nature, love, and things I already have.

D  Othere then being thankful for non-rainy weather and enjoying wals with Cool, I haven’t concentrated on this either.

3c.  Worrying can only take up a maximum of 15 minutes/day. EVERY day.

A  I am a new person, with a different lifestyle.  I don’t really have all that much TO worry about anymore.

4.  Dental health. Floss daily

B+  Mostly

4a.  brush twice daily for an adequate time

A-  Mostly

4b.  find a way to make the dentist happen at least once in the next year.

I’m just not sure if this is going to be a possibility.  It’s one thing I have to re-evaluate seriously.


2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):

#1: Get the money. Make it, keep it.

I don’t know if I’m keeping this.  Right now, I’m just trying to get settled in my job and get the apartment set up.

#3: Cool.  Defined as:

3a) tolerant = overlook silliness, don’t engage or poke the bear.

3b) Affectionate = say random I love yous, introduce touching (nuff said, and you get the idea).

3c) Sweet = make a spontaneous grand gesture, do something for her, that I maybe don’t normally like or do.

For some reason, I’m not sure this goal works.  It seems complex and changes throughout a month.  I think I need to refine it more to make it useful.

#4: Make a menu

B-  Who knew?  I’m a fair-kitchen cook.  Now that my apartment has a decent kitchen and I have user-friendly kitchen-ware all of this is so much better!

4a.  do a grocery list

A+  We have stuck to this beautifully!

4b.  grocery shop 1x/wk

B  Now that I’m not constantly in motion (or tired) this one’s a lot easier also.

4c.  cook 5 days of cooking per week grow it to all 7.

C  This might actually be manageable now!

#5: Prepare, but don’t stress out.

I don’t know what this is?

cityscape 4

So I need to write a new set of goals for my new quest as a Utahn.  I’ll have to brainstorm.