July Goal Accountability–or–Did You Think I Was EVER Coming Back?!

31 Jul

I’ve been getting adjusted to a new state, new city, new apartment, new job, and a variable schedule.  Blogging just seemed too hard and too time-consuming in the last 2(?) months.  But for August I have a fairly consistent schedule (maybe) so I’m going to try to add more structure to my days.

I need to totally re-haul my goals, but I still have the question-mark of school so I’m not sure what my life-path will be enough to nail down milestones, let alone smaller goals.  So these will be mostly personal goals until I know what’s going on.

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

I did this, despite 100F temps and not wanting to on a couple of days.  Some days you just want to be lazy–or you donated plasma earlier and almost passed out, as the case may be.


3.  Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

I collected a couple, but I’m not a fan of the people at my work.  And that’s pretty much what I do (other then the mile and clean the apartment).

3a.  listing (in my head) what I’m thankful for daily.

My sleep schedule has been all OVER the place thanks to a variable work schedule.  I’ve been tired a lot.  When I’m in bed–I’m pretty fast asleep.  Hopefully, once I get a stable job/school thing going I can resume this.  Because I like it a lot.

3b.  I want to appreciate nature, love, and things I already have.

I DO look at the mountains here almost every day and think how lucky I am to live right upon them.  They’re really beautiful to look at–and I can’t WAIT to snowboard in them this winter!

3c.  Worrying can only take up a maximum of 15 minutes/day. EVERY day.

I’m a new person now.  Much more laid back.  Since I have no certain direction, I kind of take life as it goes.  I know this is only a temporary thing, but it’s sure nice not to be stressed out all the time.

4.  Dental health. Floss daily

I’ve actually done incredibly well on this.  I just do it before I go to work, and I think I only missed 1(?) day in the last 2 months.  A trip to the dentist?  That’s another story and worry I’ve placed on the backburner.  Though I’m VERY concerned I’m going on 3 years without a cleaning.  Except I can’t afford it without insurance–especially since I’m due for all x-rays.  I just hope there’s not significant problems brewing. . .

2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):

#1: Get the money. Make it, keep it.

I’m working.  But I need more work hours and less school loans.  Hopefully this will change by mid-September.





#4: Make a menu

4a.  do a grocery list

I have been doing this

4b.  grocery shop 1x/wk

This is more difficult because groceries are EXPENSIVE!  And there is no Grocery Outlet here, so groceries cost a ridiculous amount.  And the food stamps don’t go super far.

4c.  cook 5 days of cooking per week grow it to all 7.

Cooking means sandwiches, quesadillas (however you spell it) in the microwave, or if we get really fancy stir-fry.  It’s too hot to use cooking implements right now.

#5: Prepare, but don’t stress out.

My plan for August is to start to jump on it.  I’m going to get on my to-do list every week day and add more structure to my routine.

5a.  Finally cleaning, organizing, and packing (pick one new area every non-work day).

Now that we’re all unpacked I can actually organize things nicely.  It’s one thing to empty boxes into closets, it’s another to carefully hang them by color.

5b. Then set a monthly deadline for at least one additional task.

August is decision time, then work to implement whatever plan.  Also, to start trying to blog regularly again.

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