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Aug Goal Accountability

27 Aug

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

I just finished day #603.  Who knew I could defeat my laziness and become Ms. Fitt?!

3.  Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

I think I did one.  I wanted to do another for the Brandi concert, but that week I was tired and stressed, and now it feels too far back.  Like, forced.  I need to make sure to do it AT the moment.

3a.  listing (in my head) what I’m thankful for daily.

Fair.  Sometimes.  Not enough.

3b.  I want to appreciate nature, love, and things I already have.

I really enjoy our hikes around Salt Lake City.  I often look around at the beauty of the mountains, and the salt flats.

3c.  Worrying can only take up a maximum of 15 minutes/day. EVERY day.

When I was offered a veterinary job, I did not stick to this.  And it reminds me not to base my decisions on fear.

4.  Dental health. Floss daily

I think I did this!


2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):

#1: Get the money. Make it, keep it.

I need to somehow change my job situation–without falling back on vet stuff.  After my trip, I can work on this a little more whole-heartedly.







#4: Make a menu

I have been sort of doing this on my calender.

4a.  do a grocery list

This is always current, but I only want to spend EBT, so everything doesn’t always get purchased.

4b.  grocery shop 1x/wk

It’s maybe a little less because the food stamps don’t go that far.

4c.  cook 5 days of cooking per week grow it to all 7.

Fail.  Oh boy, major fail.


I want to keep up goals and these accountability blogs.  But I feel like I was ready to go on one track this year (in 2014) and ended up on a different one.  This is sort of a regrouping year, so the goals aren’t all that tangible.  It’s difficult to MAKE goals and keep them when fundamental things are changing.  I need to find the path I’m working toward before I can be accountable for anything.  And this time I don’t want to just rush into anything, yet I don’t want to fall into anything either.  I’m trying to be careful about where my next steps will take me.

As such, I’m not sure I’m going to keep these accountability posts up–just because the goals aren’t really there.  I’ll see.