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Sidewalk Runners

6 Jan

Every time I’m driving around a see someone running down the sidewalk my first thought is, “oh they’re hard-core!”

running on sidewalk 1

But they are not–not hardly.  

First, every REAL runner knows that running on concrete is one of the worst things you could do.  It’s terribly unforgiving on your feet and legs (and back and rest of your body) because it is so hard.  Out of running surfaces, concrete would probably rank LAST.  It would go (in my opinion, which I guess this whole post is, so why specify) it would go:  all-weather track, treadmill, asphalt, beach, dirt, fresh snow, grass (with it’s pot holes it’s a guaranteed flat-tire situation, hard on my ankles), mud, icy conditions = concrete.  Even mud ranks above it, because it’s so bad for you.  Only thing as bad is ice, which is self-explanatory.  Concrete is so hard of a surface that it almost immediately gives me shin-splints.  I know this because our high school’s practice pole-vault runway had concrete under the runway padding, and it was AWFUL on my legs.  I’m not sure of all the running surfaces that are out there, but I know concrete is the WORST.

2nd, running on the sidewalk puts you with traffic.  Safety becomes an issue, because you make yourself a pedestrian.  And what about the other pedestrians walking or waiting on the sidewalk?  People on actual trails are notoriously bad at sharing it (especially here in Utah) so you’d have to awkwardly squeeze past.  You have to wait at intersections, which means you frequently stop running.  It’s loud.  And it wouldn’t be super-safe to be up in the street with ear buds in, and who wants to run even a short distance without their tunes?  There’s smog.  People are looking at you–nobody actually running looks cute doing it.  REAL runners would have a favorite spot.  Trail, gym, loop at the park, whatever–road would be last.  Like, put some effort into your new habit and find a good spot to run.  I’m in a brand new state, and already I know at least 2 different places that are good to run, and a third that’s better to hike, but I could run there in a pinch.

2 of my pet-peeves: running on concrete AND spandex

2 of my pet-peeves: running on concrete AND spandex

So in my head, I’ve decided that sidewalk runners are the very newest of new-bees to running.  What are they trying to do?  Show off?  All they’re doing is a mediocre run where everyone can SEE them-lame.  Sidewalk runners, consider yourselves my newest pet-peeve.