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Goal Progress of March

11 Mar

I’ve been terrible about blogging.  Really, writing alltogether.  I guess now that I’m not in school I’m just not in front of the computer like I used to be.  Also, it feels very much like work now that there is no real writing-work to compare it to.  But here an update on the goal-progress is:


things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-running.  Tomorrow it’s day 880 in a row.  Big deal!  And, I’ve been doing 30-20-10 HIITs so I’m getting super-fast.

-water.  Most days I drink all 12.  Some days get busy so the worst I’ve done is 8 cups.

-flossing.  Doin’ it!  Daily too.  I am a rock-star.

-Been wearing makeup every day (except Sun) to work.  Perfume some days also.  [time-line:  daily, before work]

things to start

-I went to the dentist–and had ZERO problems.  That’s not usually my life.  Also, I have my 6 month check up on the books.  Feels good to work for a corporation and get for-real health insurance.  Dentist = free.  Next, gyno and general dr appt.  Research on those will be commencing Sunday.

-I need to pain my nails more.  It’s an easy thing to do and I have a lot of pretty colors.   [time-line:  Fridays, during the day]  I have been lackadaisical about this, but did it twice this year.

-And I should wear my beautiful jewelry more.  Those are really easy things that add an extra touch of niceness.   [time-line:  Monday, Wednesday, +/- Thursday]  This has happened at least once a week, but there is work to do in this area.

-I’d also like to take more care fixing my hair.  Instead of a pony-tail, maybe a braid or rows, or a nice barrette.  And, as a more expensive, and long-term thing, this year I’d like to start permanently dying my hair.  I dyed my hair.  The appointment was long and semi-expensive.  The color–my exact hair color for cheap up-keep.  It is boring!  I need to have a little pizazz, but on a budget.  More planning will happen.  As for the hairstyles–I’d say I make an effort about once every 10 days.  It’s a D.




things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-Work stress has been bringing me down.  Mostly when I’m alone on Sundays, because I worry about things I may have done wrong.  I need to remember they NEED me, and to not care.  Because–really, I shouldn’t.

things to start

-reading more for pleasure.  [time-line:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday].  I read every night before bed!  Good for me.

-read/outline my undergrad textbooks and notebooks.  This will serve 2 purposes:  1)  it will utilize some of that money I’m paying in school-loans and not make my degree seem quite so pointless.  I feel like I’m paying all this money back, yet I never USED my education for anything.  2)  I might learn the material better without the pressure of multiple classes, regurgitating info for tests, and papers and projects.  I can learn the stuff at my pace and the stuff I find interesting/important.  And a surprise 3rd advantage–I might be able to clean some of it out and get rid of it once I’ve looked at it.   [time-line:  Thursdays during the day?  Try it and see if this day works, then reevaluate]  I haven’t done this, like at all.  F-.




things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-be more consistent about adding a weekly item to my positivity jar.  I do it, but not that frequency.   [time-line:  Sunday night]  It’s happened almost 3 times this year–I need to step up my game.

things to start

-I newed to re-start thinking of all the things I’m thankful for daily.  I really liked it, and it was an easy thing to do, which also had the benefit of re-focusing my attention from worrk to gratitude.  I just sort of fell out of the habit the less stressed and the happier I got.   [time-line:  daily, before sleeping].  One word- fail.

-painting for enjoyment.  It’s a nice hobby that Cool and I can do together.  I want to paint light switch covers and finish my totem painting series.   [time-line:  Friday or Saturday, twice a month]  also fail.




things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-I did clean on schedule.  It is hard because I’m tired.

-make a shopping list.  I always do this, but lately it’s been more of a long-term list then is really helpful.  I need to buy the items at least twice a month and start a new list.   [time-line:  as needed].  Fail.

things to start

-scan all my photos and back them up on my external hard-drive to cut down on albums.   [time-line:  tomorrow–get it done ASAP]  I actually did 2 full photo-albums.  It takes a long time!

-Also consolidate my scrapbooks, and make power-points or DVDs of some of the materials to save space (and future moving hassle).   [time-line:  next Wednesday, January 13th].  It’s on my to-do.

-set a consistent grocery shopping day!  Problem is I hate it.  But in order to cook, I need ingredients on hand, so this has to happen.  I think every other Sunday after work will be a less-busy convenient day (relatively) to go.   [time-line:  every other Sunday, starting January 17th].  Fail.




things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-I have also learned not to place the expectations I have for myself on people at work.  Through experience, I realized that only creates social problems and makes me stressed and resentful.  People aren’t going to have my drive or dedication, and it’s not my problem.  So a huge goal is to keep that up, because I really am bunches happier for it.   [time-line:  continuous].  Ugh–I need to ignore douche-baggery!

-make a firm cooking date with Cool.  We love to cook together and it makes the following week a lot smoother.  Friday or Saturday depending on what else is going on will work well.   [time-line:  Saturday, January 9th].  It happened once?  We need to be much better.

things to start

-2015 was AWFUL for blogging!  I didn’t do it, when I did it felt like an obligation, and it wasn’t too technically great of writing either–much like that last sentence.  Partially, it was because 2015 was such a transitional year.  Partially, I was too tired and adjusting to a new work schedule.  And it didn’t happen a lot, because I was happy hanging out with Cool, and didn’t want to “step away” to write by myself.  This year, I aim to be better than that, though I don’t know if I will go so far as to impose deadlines or post-numbers on myself.  After all, it supposed to be fun.   [time-line:  write again Thursday or Friday this week].  I didn’t.  I also didn’t Yelp, or things of that nature.