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2017 Refection

31 Dec

Last year was a year of endings.  And normally I hate endings, and feel bitter or sad about them.  But 2017 was dare I say, happy endings-ha-double-entre alert.  These were all endings that needed to happen.  Each one was a long time coming, and for the best.  You’ll see in the worst and best moments a more detailed explanation of why things needed to be finished.

And dare I say it–I am the happiest I’ve EVER been!  It feels jinx’s to say so, and like the universe will put something negative and terrible upon me to equal things out, but I’m so happy right now.  I’m in a state that I always wanted to live in, and it’s not a let-down.  I’m happy in Arizona.  Cool’s medications are working for her, so she’s my mate and we have fun and love.  The relationship with my parents is finally going smoothly.

And most of all–I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job.  This is the job I have been earning my whole life.  All the toiling, all the stress and suffering at work, are finally coming back around.  My good karma took a long time, but this job is excellent.  I hope I can just keep it.  Retire there.

So you will see more in the many blog posts that follow.  But 2017 needed to happen to clean the slate for good things to occur in 2018.  And now, I am positive they will!

2017 Worst Moments

31 Dec


You have to live through bad things in order to learn, and to appreciate the good things in life.2

11th worst-Damn, we missed it!

We missed Halloween altogether because of moving.  It’s normally one of our favorites, and we didn’t eat ANY candy, watch one  scary movie, or dress up.  Sad.

10th worst-Damper on fun expectations:

We actually got to take a scouting trip before we moved for the first time ever.  And we picked out a really nice AirBnB with good reviews.  We could stay more days there than in a motel/hotel, and it was supposed to be really nice.  Roommates upset our applecart and pretty much ruined our whole trip.  They of course were inconsiderate 20-somethings who were loud, and didn’t sleep, and smoked weed.  And obviously, they snuck extra people in and were very messy in the bathroom.  So what should have been awesome was awful.

9th worst-living in disorder:

New apartment has a bad floor plan.  It made me crazy.  And I kept buying more organizers and furniture to solve the problem, but ended up just wasting money and going through a lot of headaches.

8th worst:  Douche-bag alert-

The vet’s friend was a major douche who repeatedly tried to treat me as “his people” and order me around and things.  Which I do not do.  He came in immediately after the bitch in the prior bullet-point, and I was like–“don’t do that today.”  And we also had an unpleasant altercation.  Jerks can only push me so far, and he had done me dirty at least 3 times prior, so I was in no mood for his shenanigans.

7th worst:  Obnoxious, repeating phone calls to correct someone else’s mistakes-

CenturyLink phone calls.  Oh Jesus.  We tried to move and change our address with the company.  They fucked that up and charged us for leaving our contract early, and also charged us hook up fees at the new state.  Then their equipment didn’t work and they had to send a tech out.  And they tried to charge us for that.  Then, after all those phone calls, they put hundreds of dollars of fees on my bank account (from the moving) and we had to call all over again.  Then they tried charging us again, so I had to talk to my bank.  Then CenturyLink’s escalation department (who had my name wrong after all of that).  And any phone call is annoying to me.  A credit was issued.  And guess what 3-5 weeks later (this last Friday) I got a dirty notice from CenturyLink talking of my non-payment and wanting to charge me an additional $20.  So back to zero–I’m going to try to get out of the contract and be finished with them.

6th worst-Animal sadness: 

Two dogs showed up in the parking lot of my office complex (off a major road) and no one know where they belonged.  They were groomed Labor-doodles, a puppy with no tags, and a fearful adult with a tag, but that nobody could get near.  I (and nobody else on the scene) wasn’t able to touch, catch, or restrain the older dog.  The police came to help but were clueless so I told them of my experience, and offered to help.  But the dog was scared, and we were in an  open parking lot with no tools.  Long story short, the dog became suspicious of me and ran from me out a secret hole in the fence lining our parking lot and ended up crossing a busy street.  I don’t know how the story ends, but I felt terrible that I wasn’t able to help and I might have made the situation worse.  2nd incident:  Cool and I saw a kitten outside.  In the middle of a huge shopping complex parking lot.  In the dark.  At the busy Christmas-time rush.  I wanted to help it, but I was afraid if I approached it the cat would get scared of me and run away (like the dog) straight into traffic.  I couldn’t stand to see it get hit by a car, and certainly didn’t want to be the cause of tat, but I felt awful leaving it out there.  I had nightmares all that night, and dreamed everybody I love died.  Incident 3:  Cool and I were walking home on the canal trail after our run and a little chicken was on the wrong side of her fence.  She was scared and couldn’t find the hole she had come through.  We surrounded her and tried to catch her so we could lift her over and back on the side with her poultry friends, but she was panicked and kept getting away from us.  We couldn’t corner her out there, so we had to leave her too.  Again, I felt helpless and terrible that I couldn’t help.

5th worst:  What the fuck happened?!

Crissy fell off the face of the Earth.  We went from best friends to her being MIA.  I had let it be known that I thought her alke boyfriend who beat her needed to be put out of her life for good.  So of course when they reconciled, I was the one kicked out of her life. But with no explanation.  It was confusing and sad. It was too bad, because when we were friends, Crissy was sweet and honest and genuine and fun.

4th worst:  Surprise

I took my car (Rusty) to get inspected before work quick–and it failed both emissions and safety.  I hadn’t seen it coming, and wasn’t prepared.  Fixing it would have been more expensive than the car was worth.  So I was very suddenly, without a car.  Much the same story with my other most prized item, Marble, my lap-top.  I took it to Arizona on our scouting trip to check emails, apply for jobs, edit the resume, etc. . .  And suddenly, I’m in the coffee shop trying to turn it on–and black screen.  I lost everything:  All those important documents, so much music, and all my photos.  I still need to try to recover it.  Two items I care most about–just gone, suddenly and forever.

3rd worst-Bitch-Fit:

Some bitch had a fit about the price of her animal’s dental, and blamed ME for not conveying the estimate accurately.  She had a tantrum in the lobby.  Fussed at the vet about our prices for 20 min.  Got agro with me while I had to take her card payment, threatened to make an online review against the hospital and me in particular (I spelled my name for the bitch, because I refuse to succumb to intimidation tactics), then tried to complain against my attitude with my boss.  My attitude being that I didn’t cower or fall over myself to apologize because she was being a bully.  Generally made an unpleasant scene.  I wanted to quit–that day, if not sooner.  I don’t need that bullshit negativity in my life.

2nd Worst-Repeat the past:

I had to take work at a vet hospital to get out of MSCL’s hostile work environment.  More tears.  I know what that means and what that does to me.  And it was my best choice to get out of a bad situation.  But it meant STRESS.


-I had a party–and nobody came. 

Fucking duds at work got plenty of notice, I even let them pick the date.  I made invitations with a hand-drawn map for everyone in the lab.  I told them twice that if I took the time to plan a party and no one showed up it would make me for real sad.  They insisted they would like to come, and I should plan a party.  We made food.  Cleaned the house.  Planned several party activities.  Then, come party time–I got a text asking who else was there.  Answer:  Nobody yet.  It’s still early.  Then, the one kid working that day showed up 5 min before he had to be at work (when I had started the party an hour earlier specifically for him to be able to go) and ate all my chips and left.  Then, that was it.  No one else bothered to come.  Fuck those duds and douche-bags!  Tears were cried.