Top 12 Songs of 2017

6 Jan

12-“Pills” St. Vincent
Remember how Savage Garden’s Throw-back alert! “I Want You” with that chicka cherry Cola would come on the radio, and you at first thought it was a commercial? This song has that same quality—it sounds like a Christmas song. It’s even got a “come…” break down that is very holiday-sounding. And then it sounds a little Destiney’s Child, too. But the subject matter is so NOT D.C. and I like how it questions society’s penchant to pop a pill to fix every little “problem.” It’s a unique song, and secretly makes you think.

11-“do re mi” by Blackbear
You know how I like a bitter song and a breakup song, and this one is very catchy.
10-“Unforgettable” Thomas Rhett
It’s a surprise to me how high this song ranked on my list of singles. It’s pop-country. The song is sweet, almost saccharine. Not my usual go-to sound. But it’s kind of nice, and it’s got a good hook.
9-“Slow Hands” Niall Horan
It’s not Horan’s fault that the radio has over-played this song to such an extent that I want to rip the nails off these slow hands. It’s a good song and I liked it a lot before I heard it too much.
8-Jens Lekman, “How We Met, the Long Version”
I mean a song that references evolution? How can you go wrong with a good disco sound AND a history lesson?! It makes me think of a lower key Flaming Lips. Experimental, fun, and smart. He’s an artist to watch.

7-“New Rules” by Dua Lipa
Clever and catchy anthem for gals struggling to be treated the way they deserve. I like the song as a feminist. I like the sassiness. It’s a stuck-in-your-head kind of thing. And the lyrics make sense and are positive.

new rules
6-Kelsea Ballerni, “Unapologetically”
I like the ‘over you’ sentiment of this song. She’s resolute and it’s good to hear someone singing a ‘back off, egomaniac’ song to some Douche who’s talking shit. Writing like this is worth paying attention to in the future.

5-“Something I’m Good At” Brett Elridge
This is a song that made me stop what I was doing and find the artist. I heard it on the radio, and had to remember a piece of the lyrics so I could Google it. What magnetized me to this song was how Elridge can sing so fast! It’s nice to hear a country singer rap. And the song is one of those that will get stuck in your head, but you don’t know the words. This is one to listen to on a boat, or before a party. The false endings are entertaining, and it makes me want to choreograph a clogging dance to it.

4-“Burned” Grace Vanderwaal
The piano is awesome. I think this is somebody to watch. Empowerment = wonderful. And such a strong voice! It reminds me of Fiona Apple and Beth Hart combined into a soulful, sultry sound at a smoky club. I love the lyrics—of course, that goes without saying!

Special placement for the top 3 songs of the year, even though they’re not just singles they feature in an album on my countdown.


3. Demi Lovato, “Sorry Not Sorry”

sorry not sorry
1=2 Ke$ha, “Praying”

1=2 Imagine Dragons, “Believer”

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