Expanding on CareNational Possible Blog/Tutorial Topics

7 Mar


-A topic geared toward staff.

-Share the instructions.

-Also include several examples of more difficult situations.


-Can be geared toward our staff as a natural partner to our planning talks.

-Show how you really can’t have one without the other.

-Give tips about not only how to get organized, but to maintain it.

-Can also be geared toward our clients.

-Give tips how to keep each stage of the job search organized.


-For both co-workers and clients.

-Talk about how making routines helps with both planning and organization and how it leads to greater productivity and efficiency.

*setting priorities

-Both co-workers & clients.

-Tie in with planning and work-flow.

-Use examples to show the benefits.

-Explain how to quickly ascertain what needs to be done when, and how to practice it.

*work-life balance

-Both co-workers and clients.

-Find some statistics regarding employee retention, productivity, and health.

-Give some tips about how to achieve it.


-For clients (staff has already heard it)

-Reiterate our talks at work.

*ways to maximize productivity

-Both co-workers and clients.

-ties together planning, organization, work-flow, but would be more broad.

*phone etiquette


-Talk about familiarity making people more casual.

-Mention how we are busy, distracted, or have other goals so we fail at phone etiquette.

-Find statistics about how people like manners.

-how relationships are forged and maintained with better phone mannar.

-Provide some example conversations with a funny ‘what NOT to do’ vs preferable way.

*call reluctance**

(close to my heart)

-more toward my co-workers

-Talk about how common this is & why

-Share my fears

-Talk about why it’s important to work through this.

-Share some tips from my notes, youtube, & tips from others.

-Make graphs & visual aids of my calling statistics that I gather.

*acronyms list

-for clients.

-write an intro and a conclusion about how medical management has its own lingo.

-post what I already have.

-Ask for expansions, comments, or new ones.



-write an intro of how it’s important to stay abreast of all changes, especially language.

-Talk about how new things are added all the time.

-post the definitions I already have.

-Conclude by saying CareNational makes sure we are on top of new legislation & ideas.

-Ask for amendments, regional/hospital differences, and additional terms.

*using social media to network


-talk about stats of social media

-talk how social media is no longer optional in the business world.

-Give examples of different forums

-finish by showing HOW to appropriately use each forum

-Briefly mention some tactics to increase visibility.

#keeping engagement high


-I need to brainstorm different ways this can be accomplished

*working with coworkers


-talk about amount of time people are at work

-find an excerpt/short story about a co-worker personality difference

-say everyone has had conflict with people at work

-Give tips about how to prevent and deal with conflict between co-workers

-Sum up with happiness and productivity #s.

*sexism in the workplace


-Find stats

-give examples of subtle sexism

-Tell how someone can learn to recognize the signs

-Suggest how to stop sexism in the workplace

-Give examples of how to foster a positive work environment.

*the trifecta that contributes to getting sick


-Describe a scenario of feeling sick on the job.

-talk about pressure to work despite illness

-find stats of cold & flu incidence

-also find stats of missed work/pay from sickness

-talk about cold, stress, lack of sleep, and germs and how they = sick

-finish with prevention

*how little things can impact getting the dream job (typing, for exp)


-tell story of my typing

-share how it is quite unrelated to my job duties, but it was the key to getting hired.

-challenge the reader to recognize similar skills to hone

-finish with having a relationship with a recruiter can give insight to those things.

-conclude with how CareNational prepares and helps candidates land their dream job.

*tips to increase self-discipline


-look at my study tips blog and copy a lot of those things.

*moving/relocation tips

-look at my prior moving blogs and copy a lot of those things.

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