2018 Goal-Progress

10 Feb

-make a food menu, grocery list, weekly shopping

Once we finally, finally got into these habits, we were pretty good at keeping them up.
-get a job
I got the jobs, now all I need is to have a job that gives me SECURITY, which I haven’t had in quire a while.
-run a daily mile.
What needs to happen now is an outside mile, a faster mile, and additional working out.
-Working out
When we have any kind of routine, we are good about this.  But because of job insecurity, financial worries, and moving–it wasn’t always possible.
-Love points
Cool and I try to be mindful about conveying love every day.  And we will estimate our “scores” (1 point for hugging, a point for taking out the trash, etc…) on the matter, nearly daily.  The points are not always as high for either of us as I’d like.
-floss daily
NOT good at all.  Worse than in previous years even.  I think this was do to an ever-changing schedule, money-worries consuming my time, and tiredness/laziness.
-go to the dentist
I got this done.  Really, because I wanted to use up all my insurance benefits before I lost them at the end of the month.  It’s a lot easier making time for various appointments, when there’s not a work schedule in the way…
-Fix my hair nice (or cut it)
I actually managed this in 2018.  Even when I had to shower at the gym at work, carpool, or when I was tired.
-wear makeup at work
I literally forgot one day, but did this all the rest.  And it isn’t that hard to do, once it’s a habit.  Plus, I don’t want to look like an old hag…
So for the most part, I feel like I did pretty well on my goals.  Though there is room for improvement (flossing, I’m looking at you!).

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