2019 Goals

15 Feb

-of course, continue running at least 1 mile every day in a row.

-continue making a weekly menu, grocery list, and sticking to that at the store.  And shopping at Winco.
-Continue to put on makeup and fix my hair every day for work.  This is important, because I look better.  And it gives a better impression.  And I do care about me, so why not look nice?
-Drink 12 cups of water a day.
I’m really mad at work, because after a TON of struggle, I was finally doing this.  I did it for maybe even a whole year!  But my current job micro-manages us to such an extent, that I can’t drink water because I am not alloted the bathroom time.  So I have to get a doctor’s note saying I need to use the bathroom.  That way, my company will remove the time restrictions, then I can drink enough because I’ll be able to pee when I need to.  Dreams.
-go to the doctor.
I have GOT to force myself to jump through the hoops in order to use the insurance I’m paying for, get doctor’s note for work, and refill all my medications.  I hate logistics.
-dentist twice a year.
I have to find one closer to the new house, because I’m not going to go out of my way.
-Floss daily.

-workout at least 5 days a week.
-cook at home and meal prep on weekends to make the week easier.
-pay off the Visa.  Moving and unemployment made it a little crazier than I’d like.
This one had been ok.  But then I realized if I read at night when I couldn’t sleep it was actually perpetuating my insomnia.  Because the reading would set my body’s alarm clock to wake up at the time in the middle of the night every night.  So now that I can’t read during the times I can’t sleep, I haven’t found time during the day to do it.  So I haven’t read at all..

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