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Donna: You Make Me Wanna…

31 Aug

you mean well

and you cannot tell

but you’re awkward


I know I’m not proficient in social situations

my brain takes detail-vacations

thinking of all the small things

meanwhile I am just standing there

so busy thinking, that I’m checked out–unaware


but you have no idea

so I didn’t take it wrong

saved this story for a song

and recounted the memory to everyone

about the time you said inappropriate things to me at work

not to be a jerk

you think your tips are helpful

and you don’t know any better

an old lady can’t identify with a trend-setter…

you have no idea my haircut is so me!


you suggested sunscreen for my head

you didn’t notice my face turn red

couldn’t tell I was embarrassed by your comments

you showed genuine concern

that my bald spot would burn

maybe you thought I didn’t know how to be feminine and pleasing


I laughed later

didn’t think you were being a hater

I figured you just thought your hints were inspirational

what an odd-ball

saying rude things without the where-with-all!

I know you don’t realize


and I laughed again

when you said my hair was finally growing in

another day when you crept up to my cubicle

I accepted you for what you are

a little kooky, a lot bizarre

but after many comments

my patience was fully spent

I’m ignoring your opinion, take your ten cent.

And put it in your own pocket

an opinion for a different girl, another day

it’s not that I don’t know what you’re getting at-

I should hide my hair and get a hat

until I grow my locks and learn to be a proper girl

but Donna, I just don’t care

that I don’t meet old fashioned standards and you. don’t. like my. hair!