What I Like (and don’t) in a Podcast

8 Jan

I don’t know what to write today.  Usually, I’m brimming with ideas.  Though my natural peak creativity happens in the morning–when I’m at work.  I get more fatigued after work, so it’s more difficult to get excited by things.  But this is the time I’ve set aside for writing, so rather than dilly-dallying trying to think of something inspiring, I thought I would just start typing.


We want to start some type of podcast.  It makes sense, because we listen to them most of every day at work.  Also, you know me–I’m full of opinions.  We both started lists of potential topics.  And I have been listening for what I like and what I don’t like.


have a professional sounding introduction with the premise of the podcast, why we are qualified to discuss the topics, and our names.

get right to the topic at hand-no chit-chat or distractions.  It drives me bonkers when people fuck around before talking about whatever they’ve listed as the title/subject of that episode.

Pre-record professional sounding ads (if we get sponsors) so it sounds upbeat and the same every time.

Do good research about the topic–it’s annoying when people don’t know anything about their subject.

Trigger warnings prior to the episode

Spoiler warning with exact time we’re finished talking about that.

Stick mostly to the topic, state facts, but also be ready with our theories or complaints or opinions.  But have some balance.

Big reactions during taping just sound like a regular conversation in the audio.

Do it 5 paragraph essay style:  Tell what you’re going to talk about it, and why you’re interested in that, go section by section, then sum it up.  I also like when people say what they read or looked at to research in case I want to get more in depth about the topic on my own.

If there’s any patrion or rating requests, make a little jingle instead of saying it over and over in each episode.

Don’t have any speech-ticks such as “like” or “you know what I mean”

Don’t sound monotone, but don’t be on crack.


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