Folklore Tracks by Timeline (my best guesses)

26 Jul

I think this would be a more linear track order for Folklore.

Seven. Taylor crushing on a PA neighbor girl.

Betty. 17 year old high school love triangle between 2-3 females.

Mirrorball. Being closeted, not portraying authentic self to the public. Taylor Swift’s self-titled album.

August -1st sexual experience (with a woman). Emily? Fearless-Speak now eras.

The 1. Diana Agron (#Swiftgron) relationship in her early 20s. Red Era?

The Last Great American Dynasty. Taylor’s Rhode Island house and her lavish parties and girl-squad.

Cardigan- Kaylor is coming together in New York. 1989 Era?

Hoax- Karlie gets fake married to a Kushner.

Illicit Affairs – Kaylor are together still, but underground. Reputation (a little earlier than the fake marriage?)

Invisible String – Taylor considers Karlie her soul mate and wrote Reputation and Lover with her in Mind. Lover Era.

My Tears Ricochet. Taylor leaves her 1st label (on bad terms).

Madwoman – Scooter is a shit-head and a cheater and holds Taylor’s catalog hostage. Abrupt end to Lover era coming out plans.

Peace – Karlie tells she’s in this for real (despite the bearding and closeting).

Epiphany – Covid derails everything. Lover concerts canceled.

This is Me Trying- Taylor releases Folklore her most truthful album (veiled in a fairytale) to date. Plans on coming out of the closet.

Exile – Taylor will end her contract with Joe Alwin. Karlie will be free of Kushner. America will be done with Trump. November starts a beautiful, open life.

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