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My Birth Chart Interpretation: Houses

14 Aug


The circle chart thingy is information dense, but if you take it one step at a time it’s simple enough to read.  I’m at least learning!


The very outer circle is all the zodiac signs (written in gli(m)phs aka picture symbols).  I like to think of them as a clock with Pieces (the last sign at 12), Aries is 1, Taurus 2, Gemini 3, Cancer 4, Leo 5, Virgo 6, Libra 7, Scorpio 8, Sagittarius 9, Capricorn 10, Aquarius 11.  Of course, that’s how I learned it.  The clock will be shifted so your rising sign is at 9 PM, and thus rising in your own chart.  So my rising is Aries so it’s at 9 PM instead of 1 AM.

Then of course you need to have foundational knowledge of the seasons each sign goes with (loosely):  Aries late Mar-April; Taurus late April-May, Gemini late May-June; Cancer late June-July; Leo late July-Aug; Virgo late Aug-Sept; Libra late Sept-Oct; Scorpio late Oct-Nov; Sagittarius late Nov-Dec; Capricorn late Dec-Jan; Aquarius late Jan-Feb; Pisces late Feb-Mar, back to Aries…

And what the basic traits of those signs are:  Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), Mode? (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable), and Gender? (male/female).  It also helps to know traits that belong to each.

Aries:  Cardinal Fire Masculine

Taurus:  Fixed Earth Feminine

Gemini:  Mutable Air Masculine

Cancer:  Cardinal Water Feminine

Leo:  Fixed Fire Masculine

Virgo:  Mutable (I never feel like that’s accurate) Earth Feminine

Libra:  Cardinal Air Masculine

Scorpio:  Fixed water feminine (this seems wrong to me)

Sagittarius:  Mutable Fire Masculine

Capricorn:  Cardinal Earth Feminine (this also seems wrong)

Aquarius:   Fixed Air Masculine

Pieces:  Mutable Water Feminine


That’s Mode:

Cardinals (begin a new season, leaders, action, bossy) = Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Fixed (are in the middle of a season, Stable, loyal, stubborn) = Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mutable (when the season is wrapping up, Changing, spontaneous, flaky) = Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pieces



Fire (Passionate, strong, impulsive) = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth (Grounded, practical, boring) = Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn,

Air (Intelligent, Light, distant at times) = Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water (Emotional, deep, moody) = Cancer, Scorpio,  Pieces


Here’s 1 positive and 1 negative to sum up each sign:

1=Aries athletic/active, impulsive

2=Taurus likes comforts, change-averse

3=Gemini communication, indecisive

4=Cancer homebody, over-sensitive

5=Leo individual, selfish

6=Virgo organized, nit-picking

7=Libra fair, phony

8=Scorpio perceptive, mysterious/secretive

9=Sagittarius curious traveler, too truthful

10=Capricorn work-horse, judgmental

11=Aquarius charitable, aloof

12=Pieces spiritual, manipulative




planets ruling signs

The little pictures show the planets. Common confusion is that some houses don’t have a planet inside.  That is OK!  It doesn’t mean the house is empty or somehow lacking.  Planets inside of a house, just give it extra color.  Instead of just looking at what the house stands for and how the sign it’s in influences that set of characteristics-there’s a 3rd influence.  For example, in my chart above, my Aquarius is in the 11th house (with no planet inside that house).  That means in my 11th house which is the house that stands for community is colored by Aquarius.  That sign stands for charity, intelligence, uniqueness, and maybe aloofness.  Example number 2:  My moon is in Gemini in the 2nd house.  So the 2nd house is sibling, growing up, and comforts.  Gemini is known for intellegence, communication, and maybe being wishy-washy.  And the moon is all about emotion.  This might translate to my childhood being highly talkative and bright, but maybe being mercurial and overemotional and changing minds often.


bonific = generally good, luck, money, fortune.

Include Jupiter and Venus.

malefic = generally seen as negative, challenges, slow lessons.

Include Saturn, Mars.


Each house is ruled by a planet (as the little pictures above show):

1.  Mars- Mars is known for being aggressive, warlike, and burns hot then cools quickly.  Masculine.

2.  Venus- The planet of love, softness, comfort, and femininity.

3.  Mercury- Ever-changing.

4.  Moon- Connected to tides and also fast-moving.

5.  Sun- The Sun is the center of our solar system.  It’s bright and life-giving.

6.  Mercury- Intellect over emotion.

7.  Venus- Indulgent, indecisive, strives for fairness.

8.  Mars/Pluto- Tumultuous.  Problematically passionate.

9.  Jupiter- Luck, wealth, success.

10.  Saturn- Challenges.  Slow progress.  Hard work to learn lessons.

11.  Saturn/Uranus- Odd.  Strange.  Intellect over emotion.

12.  Jupiter/Neptune- Fanciful.

I really don’t know the ins and outs of why some of the houses are ruled by 2 planets or an optional planet (some variations of astrology don’t count the 2nd planet).


The numbers inside the signs represent the houses.  I think what the house represents mostly goes along with what each sign is known for 1-12.  Here’s my inkling of what each house stands for (1 positive, 1 negative), in my very early learning, ie bear with me here:

1.sense of self.  Who you are.

2.Siblings.  Childhood.

3.Communication, short, repeated publications, short trips, grade school learning.

4.Home.  Mother.

5.Kids.  Creativity.

6.Daily routines.  Pets.  Coworkers.

7.All relationships, including love, friends, etc…  Contracts.

8.The occult.  Death (of person, bad habits, etc…).

9.Long trips.  Higher learning.  A longer publication.

10.Work.  How people see you (reputation).


12.Spiritual.  Death.




 not mine, but informative:

Ruler of the 1st House in the 3rd House

aka Mars controls  Aries and is in My 3rd Mercury/Gemini

Ruler of the First House is in the Third House Profitable journeys; harmonious relations with those around the native; good education, aptitude for study.

Even if you don’t have planets in Gemini, your chart ruler in the third house gives you some distinct Gemini traits, such as versatility, curiosity, and communication skills. You may be fidgety, somewhat restless, and most certainly curious about the world around you. You are likely to be quite active, moving about close to home. You adopt a lighthearted approach to life, may be a “jack of all trades”, and are a “people watcher”. You delight in putting two and two together, and feel a stronger need than most people to engage in idle chit-chat with friends.


Ruler of the 2nd House in the 5th House

aka Venus controls Taurus in the 2nd house, but is placed in my 5th Sun/Leo

Ruler of the Second House is in the Fifth House Fortunate speculations. (Unless the Ruler should be Mars).

Your income is related to creative endeavors, publications, entertainment, sports or arts, investments that imply certain risk or speculation, education or children. You are likely to earn money through some pursuit that will offer satisfaction and pleasure.


Ruler of the 3rd House in the 3rd House

Mercury/Gem = 3rd and my Mercury is in it’s own 3rd house

Ruler of the Third House is in its own House Harmonious relations with the native’s environment.


Ruler of the 4th House in the 2nd House

Moon rules 4th house of Cancer, and my moon is in 2nd house/Taurus.

Ruler of the Fourth House is in the Second House Sale and purchase of landed estates; marriage with someone living in the country.


Ruler of the 5th House in the 3rd House

5th is Leo is ruled by Sun and my sun is in 3rd house:  Mercury/Gemini

Ruler of the Fifth House is in the Third House Harmonious and pleasurable relations with those around the native.


Ruler of the 6th House in the 3rd House

6th is Mercury/Virgo and my Mercury is in my 3rd house:  Mercury/Gemini

Ruler of the Sixth House is in the Third House Ill-health of those around the native; domestic troubles.


Ruler of the 7th House in the 5th House

aka ruler of 7th house, Libra is Venus and it in my 5th house, Sun/Leo

Ruler of the Seventh House is in the Fifth House Happiness in marriage or union; profitable speculations. If the Ruler is afflicted, it signifies quarrels with the children, or quarrels on their account.

A spirit of fun, romance, and playfulness is important to you when it comes to your close relationships. You tend to depend upon a companion to stimulate your own creativity or to bring out your “inner child”. You are unlikely to marry for any other reason but love, as there is an idealistic and romantic side to you. This sometimes indicates that you look for a creative and expressive partner, or that you partner with someone in a creative endeavor on a professional level. You tend to seek a companion who enjoys similar diversions and hobbies as you do. You are quite dependent on the encouragement of your partner, and you thrive on attention from a companion. You are threatened by a person who is detached or impersonal. A relationship that is playful, reassuring, and encouraging is most attractive to you. You feed on the emotional energy of a partnership, deriving confidence from your association. You may be “in love with love”, and you tend to approach any new association with a fresh and idealistic attitude.


Ruler of 8th house in 3rd house

The 8th house is Scorpio, ruled by Mars (Pluto) and my mars is in the 3rd house:  

Ruler of the Eighth House is in the Third House Danger of accident while travelling. Death of a brother or sister.


Ruler of 9th house in 8th house

9th house is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.  My Jupiter is in the 8th house:  Scorpio/Mars

Ruler of the Ninth House is in the Eighth House A moral inheritance. Rehabilitation of the memory of a loved one. Executor of a will.


Ruler of 10th house in 7th house

aka of 10th house, Saturn for Capricorn is in my 7th house Venus/Libra

Ruler of the Tenth House is in the Seventh House Gains through business. Fortunate partnerships, A wealthy marriage.

Your professional success is related to the public, society and marriage. You have a need for give and take with the public; your contact with the public could be on a large scale as well as people individually. Your professional progress will be stimulated by the training of some association or by the support you receive from your mate.


Ruler of 11th house in 7th house

11 is Aquarius ruled by Saturn/Uranus

Saturn is residing in my 7th house:  Libra/Venus

Ruler of the Eleventh House is in the Seventh House Fortunate contracts. Harmonious relations between husband and wife, and with partners.

Uranus is in my 8th house:  Scorpio/Mars

Ruler of the Eleventh House is in the Eighth House Inheritance from friends. Sincere and enduring friendships.


Ruler of 12th house in 8th house

12th house in Pisces ruled by Jupiter/Neptune

Jupiter on my chart is in the 8th house:  Scorpio/Mars

Ruler of the Twelfth House is in the Eighth House A chronic or languid illness. A painful death.

Neptune in my chart is in the 9th house:  Sagittarius/Jupiter

Ruler of the Twelfth House is in the Ninth House A disturbed state of mind; mistaken ideas; unsuccessful mental pursuits. A dangerous journey, or a journey that does not procure the expected results.