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Mirrorball: Analysis of Taylor Swift’s folklore (from larger post)

17 Aug

This is a more digestible portion of my album analysis:


Here, I have tried to analyze what and who each track of Folklore is about.  Which is complex because it’s not in a linear order.  Names are obscured.  Facts may be reality or story.  The narrator is unreliable.  And this whole thing is going to be from a Kaylor perspective, because that’s how the songs, and Taylor Swifts catalog as a whole makes the best sense to me.  I’ll show you what I mean.


6. Mirror Ball.

Breaking in a million pieces is an indication of the fears Taylor Swift has about coming out of the closet.  The line, “I can change everything about me to fit in” shows life in the closet (hiding queerness)–reflecting back what you think people want, because you are afraid to show your true self.

“Hush when no one is around…Shining just for you.” It’s a secret.  The shining happens when nobody else is looking. Taylor is spinning and shining for Karlie only.

The verse about calling off the circus (the Trump administration), the disco burning down (the closet disappearing from around them and their relationship), and sending the rodeo clowns home (the Kushners out of power of the Trump White House and also being out from under Scott and Scooter’s stipulations on the masters) shows how everything is about to change for the better.

“I know they say the end is near.” I am pretty sure Taylor is speaking to Karlie here, about how they are each almost finished with their bearding contracts.  They will soon be rid of their fake relationships (Jared and Joe) so they can be together.

“I’m still a believer [in real love?] I don’t know why.”  And with that, the song ends on a high note:  Taylor is on her tallest tiptoes because Karlie Kloss is a lot taller at 6’2″.