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18 Aug

I was wondering how I ranked Taylor Swift’s albums.

And I would have told you I probably liked:


I love that moag!  And it’s sassy and bitter in a good way.  But it’s optimistic and full of hidden love too.  Also, it really reminds me of Karlie Kloss.


The aborted coming out album, with all the rainbows and kittens I adore!  This is for-SURE my favorite era (the colorful pre-masters, not the black suits post-masters).


Impeccable writing.  I like how the songs tie together and make you really analyze as a listener.


Middle of the road for me.  I like the 80s electronic sound OK, but I didn’t think it had a bunch of songs I liked.  Also, I missed out on the Red and 1989 eras, because they weren’t on Spotify, so I always feel a bit left out and disengaged from this one.

Speak Now

I like the country stuff, and how spunky Taylor had been in this genre.  But I thought she had grown a lot as a writer and in maturity.  Also, all that princess stuff challenges my feminism, so I felt a little–mmm disingenuous ignoring the more problematic parts of that.


I don’t like this album as well, because I feel like it’s too much of a smattering.  The genres are mixed, the songs aren’t as cohesive, and the style is all over the place.  Same as 1989, I missed out on the Red and 1989 eras, because they weren’t on Spotify, so I always feel a bit left out and disengaged from this one.


I think this one is more the label and studio then actually giving Taylor creative freedom.  So yeah, it’s good, but it’s definitely a starting point.


I thought Fearless was very “of it’s time” like 2 singles then the rest fillers.  This was prior to streaming really catching hold, so the labels would put just a couple really good songs, then just stuff to make the album come close to the price point.  People who came up with streaming, who didn’t have to buy a physical item to get their one favorite song, don’t know how good they have it!

And I thought I would listen to each album and kind of count how many songs I liked on each.

But of course as I listened, I wanted to be more specific.

So I categorized each song one of these headings:


My favorite ones.  The songs that make me enthusiastic when I hear them.  It’s mostly based on that feeling, not necessarily musicality, lyrics, or anything technical.

good to OK (combo)

The songs that just weren’t great enough to give me chills or make me feel amped up, but obviously quality tunes.  I should not have done a combo category, b/c now I am compelled to re-listen to each song there and tease them apart into good and ok.  But later.


Ones where I tuned out pretty much every time they came up.  Not bad to take off a playlist, but lower than neutral.


These are the ones that are either throw-away fillers, or for me, ones that were well made songs, but were too depressing and I didn’t really want to listen to often (Soon You’ll Get Better is a beautiful melody, well written, and has its place, but it’s a fucking bummer for all the time, so I took it off all like work lists and stuff).

Once I had listened and ranked.

Then I listened again.

Just to make sure the rankings were consistent, and not based on mood at the time or anything.

The songs that were different, got a 3rd listen to rank them definitively.

And then I counted all the awesomes, good to oks, mehs, and skips for each album.  Finally, I could rank the albums.  The most awesomes obviously at the top.  And if there were ties, I went to the next category and pulled the higher # of goods up one spot.  If there were still ties, I ranked the albums with more skips toward the bottom.  And so on and so fourth.  So I am very confident it’s accurate for me.

Boy, was I surprised how different the quantitative ranking

differed from just my feelings about the albums!

Based on songs it ended up being:

1989 (Previously thought it was 3rd)

Speak Now (A lot of sentimental favorites.  Previously thought to be 5th)

Red (Previously thought to be 6th)

folklore (Previously thought to be 3rd)


Reputation (Ranked 1st without research)

Fearless (Ranked last without research)

Self-Titled (Ranked 7th before)

Lover (Wow!  What a shocker!  I thought this was 2nd before.)

I was going to share with you what songs I put where, but after doing all that leg work, I decided I’m prepared to rank every song in Taylor Swift’s catalouge from my favorite to least favorite.

So for now I’ll just share the numbers:

.                            awesome        good to ok             meh              skip

1989                      7                       5                           4                    0

speak now             7                       5                           4                    1

red                         5                      13                          0                    0

folklore                   6                       9                           1                    1

Evermore              6                        8                           0                     1

reputation              5                       8                           2                    0

fearless                   5                       8                           4                    1

self-titled                5                       6                           3                    1

lover                        4                       7                           4                    3


overall                     44                     57                         24                   9

She is a Lovely Gal

18 Aug

of course she’s funny
and takes her turn paying money
has boundaries, commands respect
use her name, don’t call her “honey”

sings with passion, right from her heart
she is studious, if not book-smart
always community-minded
she won’t shop at the damn Wal-Mart

offers her restaurant box to junkies
loves kitties and bunnies and puppies
sends her thank you cards
yeah, she delivers those warm fuzzies

pretty eyes, delightful smile
she is unique, has her own style
she knows to wait, shivers take awhile
the pleasure she gives: Verifiable

no one’s doormat, she’ll voice displeasure
but she is fun and she’s so clever
serious, spontaneous in equal measure
sends lovers into waves of pleasure

she works so hard, has determination
holds her own in conversation
that girl can get the mind wandering
moves her hips like a love invasion

What a girl, so sweet and loyal
firm body, does her cardio
cheeks like marble
treated You royal

Don’t you miss me? You were so crappy
Wish you still had that? I’ll bet you’re sad
you fucked up,
I’m the very best you ever had!