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Seven & August: Analysis of Taylor Swift’s folklore (from larger post)

23 Aug

This is from my other, longer post.  I thought some people would like it in smaller increments.  here’s 2 relatively short ones:


Here, I have tried to analyze what and who each track of Folklore is about.  Which is complex because it’s not in a linear order.  Names are obscured.  Facts may be reality or story.  The narrator is unreliable.  And this whole thing is going to be from a Kaylor perspective, because that’s how the songs, and Taylor Swifts catalog as a whole makes the best sense to me.  I’ll show you what I mean.


7. Seven

The companion song to “It’s nice to have a friend” (if you recall “Something gave you the nerve to touch my hand” which is decidedly not a childhood unromantic thing to do).  Taylor describes a very Sapphic relationship with a young PA neighbor in her elementary years.  “Your braids like a pattern” emphasizes the femaleness of this friend Taylor says she loved then, and still loves now.  The line in the song that says, “or hide in the closet” is not an accident.  Taylor is an honest writer and a woman of 30–she knows what that phrase means.  And she used in intentionally.  In telling this childhood story, she’s saying that her queerness is nothing new.  She has had it in her the whole time.  And she’s just now alluding it to her fans, and the public.

Also, each person’s story is not the central position of my song analysis, but I’d be remiss not to mention Taylor also alludes the the fact this girl-neighbor may have been in an abusive household.  It sounds like her father wasn’t a good guy, so that’s a central premise of the song as well as the childhood love component.


8.  August.

This song is supposedly the perspective of the 3rd person in the ‘high school love triangle’ of Betty & James and this person.  Who is it? If anyone. Is this just a generic song to round out the love triangle?

I’m not sure who it’s supposed to be about, though it does brings up someone’s 1st (female) sexual experience with, “whispers of Are you sure?’ ‘Never have I ever before.’”  “And I can see us twisted in bedsheets.”  This section reminds me of Reputation’s, “…Ready for It?” and “Dress” which are also pretty sexy songs.

But it talks about this 3rd wheel feeling like James was never hers.  And it’s not during high school, because “August slipped away like a bottle of wine.”

Main message in this song, “you were never mine.”  That line is repeated 4 times during the short song.