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Mad Woman and also Epiphany: Analysis of Taylor Swift’s folklore (from larger post)

28 Aug

This is a more digestible portion of my album analysis:


Here, I have tried to analyze what and who each track of Folklore is about.  Which is complex because it’s not in a linear order.  Names are obscured.  Facts may be reality or story.  The narrator is unreliable.  And this whole thing is going to be from a Kaylor perspective, because that’s how the songs, and Taylor Swifts catalog as a whole makes the best sense to me.  I’ll show you what I mean.


12. Mad Woman.

This is musically my favorite song on the album.  And I always appreciate a good bitter song.  Chapter 2 of The Man.  “Cause you took everything [her masters] from me.  Watching you climb over people like me [other singers] The MASTER [not an accidental word] of spin.” Then Taylor goes low and says, “has a couple of side flings good wives always know.”  She knows she can away with calling him out because she has already explained to the audience that Folklore is just stories.  Scooter Braun cheats on his wife. And Taylor said it.  But maybe she didn’t because remember our unreliable narrator.


13. Epiphany.

This is my least favorite song on the album.  It’s too short, and not thought out very well.  It had potential to be a comparison between war and Covid, but came short.  In My opinion, a little disjointed of a song. I think it’s about PTSD. 1st regarding war. Apparently about Swift’s veteran grandfather.  Then sickness, probably Covid. The song would be better if there was a 3rd trauma. Or if it covered 1 trauma at greater depth.