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Lady Gaga: Chromatica Review

26 Nov

I don’t think the Grammys recognized Lady Gaga for anything this year. Correct me if I’m wrong. And I actually stand by that decision. But also #Scammys

Free Woman:  Nice female-positivity song.  Seems like 2020 is a good year for feminism to be in music.  It would be a better song if it was more anthemic, because the lyrics are trying to go that way.

Fun Tonight:  If you read my posts, you know I enjoy a bitter song a lot!  And this seems to be a break-up song.  But I’m just left wanting…more.  I don’t know what it’s missing.  But it lacks something.

911:  The first song on the album (track 8) that I thought fit the name of the album, chromatica.  It has a futuristic sound with the auto-tune.

Plastic Doll:  Good imagery comparing some dude trying to control her, and playing with her emotions, to a doll.

Sour Candy:  It goes with the break-up theme, that she’s hard on the outside, but inside…

Enigma:  Some singing finally.  Shows vocal range, unlike the material to this point.  Too repetitive and forgettable other than that.

Replay:  The distortion is the star of this track.  Shows her state of mind, which is a neat trick.  I also, like the sentiment, “Who’s the one who pulled the trigger you or I?”  Then later, “doesn’t matter– the damage done.  You had the gun, you had the gun.”

Sine From Above:  I HATE this duet with Elton John (also the mathematical spelling of sine in a song that uses the word to mean a symbol).  Before I knew who it was, I thought it sounded terrible.  His voice is shot.  When I saw it was a major player in the music industry–I was just disappointed.  If you’re going to duet with a musical icon, make it a song where he belongs, and give him material that makes him sound good. This wasn’t it.  The best part of this song was the last 15 sec where the music speeds up.

1000 Doves:  I want to like the symbolism in this song.  Because I think it’s a bonus she’s trying to use metaphors and everything.  But it’s an elementary try–the comparisons are cliche’ and I’m left with a few high notes to redeem the song.

Babylon:  Gaga sounds EXACTLY like Madonna in “Vogue” the talking is identical.  Nope.  Get your own style and songs.

Chromatica (interludes):  they’re nice.  I like them and was left wanting more each time.  I gather they are a type of separation for the musical chapters.  I say that because I was wondering why the album doesn’t sound futuristic until a third of it is finished.  And I realized there was a break-up to end the first third, then a 2nd chomatica interlude, and a definite change in feel/sound.  If that’s the case, I say throw out the entire first chapter.  Every song was weak and generic.

I was listening to the Lady Gaga album, and a song came on that immediately made me amped up and excited.  I thought–finally!  It took til track 16, but here is a show-stopper.  It was the next song in her catalogue, Bradley Cooper singing “Black Eyes” off A Star Is Born Soundtrack.  But that little story tells you how I felt about Chromatica.  There was some strong ‘remix for the gay club scene’ vibes from this album.  It’s dancy.  I did like, what I gather, is supposed to be 3 chapters of a story.  It’s a neat concept, and I’d like to see it done better in the future.  On this album, you could unfortunately toss chapter 1 and 3 in the trash.  Each of the songs on the first and last thirds of the album were weak to bad.