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John Legend: Bigger Love Album Review

28 Nov

Ooh Laa:  The album opens on a sex song.

Actions:  Like the last song there is a bit of a sample.  It’s familiar, yet evolved. “Actions speak louder than love songs.”

I Do:  Some funk flair in this one.

One Life: A disco sound.  The background instrumentals are strongest here.  The sentiment is motivational.

Wild:  The beat is nice.  The chorus is the first one that really made me excited on the album.  I can hear electric violin(?) in the background, and I always like that.

Bigger Love:  This sound reminds me of someone else.  It’s got a bit of calypso.  A female voice comes in, but not til very late in the song.

U Move, I Move:  More of a proper duet.  I think it would sound better of the female voice was a bit more resonant.  And her accent distracts me a little.

Favorite Place:  Yuck.  Both for the subject matter (lesbians are the wrong audience for straight person sex).  I know good writing is specific, but maybe make it a little more generic so I don’t have to picture stuff that’s disgusting to me. And the word choice is bad.  Really bad:  “I love it when my roller coaster dips, right into your ocean.”  Like, he was going with some sea-symbolism/metaphores, and suddenly there was a fucking rollar coaster?  Also, gross.  I do like the strings on instrumentals.

Slow Cooker:  At least now the metaphors are consistent.  It’s still a little weak.  The brass sounds nice.  The layered voices in the last third of the song sound good.

Focused:  I just feel like the writing is weak throughout the album.  I get that he’s happy and in love and lusting also.  I see he’s trying to convey love and make the songs show feelings.  They don’t all that much.  Too many cliche’s.  Too many simple sentences.  The words need to be better.  The sentiment rings hollow purely because the writing is elementary.  At least this song has some good singing.  

Conversations in the Dark:  It’s a nice sentiment that he wants to be with her, never change her, and he won’t break her heart.  It’s all very loving, and that’s so nice to hear.  I like this song.

Don’t Walk Away:  Here’s an, ‘even if you’re mad, don’t walk away’ song.  The interlude by Koffee is interesting and different.  The echo adds to the song.

Remember Us:  What I’m getting from this song is that not all the writing on the album is mediocre to bad.  This one is good and fine.  That tells me some editing should have occurred.  Because keeping weak songs only gave me a bad impression of the whole album.  I’d rather have good songs.  I like many songs, but if they’re weak, throw-aways, it makes an album worse.  Good incorporation of Rapsody.  It’s current and goes with the sentiment of the song.

I’m Ready:  Falsetto singing.  It’s a good change.  More of a true R&B song.

Always:  A continuation of the falsetto and R&B, nearly the same song as the last.  The swirling strings in the background are nice.

Never break:  Perhaps the strongest track on the album, the singing takes the front seat, but the piano is played beautifully.  I would have liked to hear the whole album sound similar to this.  I think this was played after their miscarrage too, giving it extra sentiment.  Adding just a touch of chorus singing, was just enough.  A good closer.

There were many songs on this album that I didn’t like something about.  But each of those disliked songs had at least one redeeming factor, or this entire album would have been ranked lower.