Rufus Wainwright: Unfollow the Rules Album Review

29 Nov

Unfollow the Rules:  This was just a meh song until the high notes.  Those notes ratchet up the skill and also emotion, placing the song higher on the list.

Peaceful Afternoon:  I liked the maraca interlude.  It gave me something interesting to break up the lovely singing and piano.

This One’s for the Ladies:  The wonderland makes me think, Alice, so I like the strumming, and also the teeny bit of experimentalism.  There’s just a hint of distortion, and the chorus sounds dreamy.  Also, it’s a nice change to hear Wainwright sing from a lower register.  Not all the time–but once in awhile is nice.

Early Morning Madness:  I like the occasional odd note.  And the slight dischord.  In much of this album, I feel like Wainwright has gotten a bit too comfortable.  The material is beautiful, as always, but rote.  This song has a bit of sharpness, that sets it apart.  But he also keeps his roots in singing in a sweeping mannar, like his listeners enjoy.  And the high note, where there’s a minute of Sargent Pepper, is great!  Inclusion of ownnawannapias is always welcome.  Seriously, artists, less claps, more ownnawannapias.

Devils and Angels:  The piano here is amazing.  It’s like restrained frantic, then it does a scale.  The beat!  Synthesizer-inclusion?!  I really like a mix of Wainwright’s theatrical voice, beautiful piano, but a pop of experimentalism.  It changes it up a bit, while keeping everything Wainwright excels at.  I’m starting to wish this album had started at the Wonderland song, and gone with this more experimental, unique theme.  If there was a contest for best song of 2020, this one would easily be in the top 5.  Hey, maybe I’ll do that…

Alone Time;  More boring again, but at least there’s some displeasing notes to capture attention.

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