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Chris Stapleton: Starting Over Album Review

1 Dec

Cold:  I like the dramatic, bluesy sound.  Good vocal heights, pretty instrumental backing.  The strings are impeccably executed.  They bring sadness and emote all the feelings.  All of that makes the song feel almost cinematic.  And the guitar break makes me think of Santana–very Spanish feeling.  

When I’m Done With You:  This is an abrupt style-change and sounds like a different artist and album all-together.  We went from hitting higher notes at the symphony, to a throaty outlaw countryman by a campfire.  Also, this is about the 3rd song I’ve looked for the featured artist and none were listed, though it’s obvious the songs benefit from female backing.  Brandi Carlile?  The song ends as abruptly as it began.

Arkansas:  I like the upbeat, more rock vibe.  And there’s not enough tambourine in mainstream music.

Joy of My Life:  This song is most reminiscent of past albums, and I really like it.

Hillbilly Blood:  The style is just right.  With guitar and beat and a stripped-down vocal.  But still passion.  

Maggies’s Song:  A detailed story of a loved dog.  Except right when the song indicated we’re talking about a dog, I got a sense of dread we were also going to have to hear the end of Maggie’s story.  And I suspected it would be sad.  And Stapleton of course, delivered on all of that.  I like a nice country song, in story form, to focus on a beloved animal.  It’s a refreshing change from women and children.

Whiskey Sunrise:  When Stapleton sounds like this he’s at his very best.  It’s a slow, burn, with a lot of intensity.  The guitar stuns.  The slow beat, sets it off.  Best song on the album.  Stapleton should always sound like this.

Worry B Gone:  Very honkey-tonk.  Love.

Watch You Burn:  The music is on-point.  That drum and guitar…  I also like the outlaw country lyrics.