Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts Album Review

6 Dec

Plastic Hearts:  The song has a lot going for it:  Good beat, catchy chorus, cool guitar break-down, but Cyrus’ voice is not one of them.  It sounds a little rough-especially for her age.

Angels Like You:  I can immediately feel the emotions in the song.  Cyrus successfully conveys, sadness and regret.  I like how she addresses her shortcomings, and the media’s perspective.

Prisoner:  This is one of the best songs on the album to listen to, yet I dislike it because there’s a lot that’s formulaic and cliche’ about it.  It’s too 80s, the guitar is too, the cadence is something I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere else (“Get Physical”?).  I want to hear MILEY, not a collection of previously successful elements.

Night crawling:  This has an awesome beat, synthesizer, and of course featured artist in Billy Idol.  It’s very 80s without being cliche;.  

Midnight Sky:  I love the deep tones in this one.  Also, I think it’s pretty strong lyrically.

High:  I’m relieved this isn’t a straight up weed song, since that’s pretty much what I’ve heard of Cyrus as of late.  It’s a really nice, country-skewing song, actually.  With some of the best singing thus far on the album.  I find it pleasant that the track is stripped down from all the 80s stuff in the prior songs.

Hate Me:  It’s a good break-up song.

Bad Karma:  I really love everything about this one except the backing “uh huh-uh uh huh” which is so annoying.  The beat, and the “fuck you” lyrics are amazing, as is Joan Jett participating and the word, “heartbreaker” in the chorus.  All very bad-ass and clever.

Never Be Me:  Too quiet of a song to follow the last one.  The only good part about it is the “fire” break-down.  Needs more.

Golden G-String:  When Cyrus can’t rely on famous featured artists, the songs are a little meh.  This is a stab at an introspective quiet piece, but it’s a little flat.

Edge of Midnight:  I mean, I’m not going to stand here and critisize a mash up with Stevie Nicks-a fucking legend.  Cyrus sings her part with a lot more passion then she had in the version without  Nicks.  And obviously, Nicks is cool and awesome and amazing–though her voice is shot (and perhaps always was).

Heart of Glass:  It’s a cool, and raw rendition of that Blondie classic.  The only reason I can even tell it’s not the original is Cyrus’ accent (speech impediment?).  It’s a good job.  Maybe Cyrus should stick to covers since that’s where she seems to excel most.

Zombie:  As soon as I heard the opening beat, I immediately knew this Cranberries song.  And I thought–she better not fuck this up!  This is a sentimental favorite of mine, and I wouldn’t want to hear it damaged.  Cyrus executes it well.  I don’t care for her more growly reading of the lyrics, but the song is full of power and emotion, and cool guitar licks just as it should be.  OK, the guitar might be better in this version.  I wan’t going to add a remake to my Spotify list because obviously the original song is superior and a favorite, but now I will based on guitar.

This album is awesome–but not really because of Miley herself.  She pairs with standouts and covers some favorites.  But whenever it’s Miley, by herself on her own track–it doesn’t really hold up.

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