Alicia Keys: ALICIA Album Review

7 Dec

Truth Without Love:  It has a discordant sound I don’t like.

Time Machine:  The base is the exceptional part of this song.  The chorus has a funk sound.

Authors of forever:  It’s down-tempo, and chill.

Wasted Energy:  I immediately liked the 4 count low piano note.  And I immediately didn’t like the vocalizations that followed those.  This is another track that is intentionally discordant.  The verse is sung in sharp of something, so it’s displeasing to my ear.

Underdog:  My favorite song on this album so far.  I like the marching beat, and the lyrics are truthful, yet hopeful.  It’s like a softer Phillip Phillipson.  Calypso on the bridge, make it interesting, and the “um ba doo, um ba doo, um ba um ba umba do” makes it catchy.

3 Hour Drive:  It’s a nice duet.  Not much to speak of.  More low-key songs.

Me x 7:  Women should be told more often to put themselves first.  And that it’s ok to put yourself first. 

Show Me Love:  This transported me back to 1995.  With Brandi, Monica, TLC, SWV, sexy females with a more R&B sound.  

So Done:  A song about being authentic to yourself, and not losing yourself in any relationship is one I can get behind.  The pace is super-slow, and I wish it was more interesting, but I do like the lyrics.

Gramercy Park:  A continuation of the sentiment from the last song.  She gave up who she is to be in this relationship.  Keys changed herself to be more palatable to this partner.  And now the partner found someone else–ironically nothing like what Keys created her image to be to please this person.

Love Looks Better:  The only song on this album so far that has made me excited.  The piano is a carnival here.  It’s finally got some beat, and some stuff going on, vs. the super-mello stuff prior.

You Save Me:  Quiet song.

Jill Scott:  A retro 1960s sound.  The singing reminds me of a whispering Janice Joplin.

Perfect WAy to Die:  The singing style reminds me of Keys’ prior works more than any other track on the album.  The song doesn’t capture my attention.

Good Job:  It’s always nice to hear you’re doing a good job and what you’re doing matters.  Points for positivity on this album.  It’s a good surprise after more than 3 minutes in, to find out the song is a shout out to everyone working for us in 2020:  Teachers, first responders, etc…

Three Hour Drive:  Another duet that’s nice, but not all that memorable. 

I guess the album is good, though it’s not my cup of tea, apparently.  I wanted higher energy, less slow, less chill.  But even for those who like this easy-going music, I think the album could have benefitted from some editing.  Don’t keep every song just to have a more substantial album.  Cut weak songs–even if it turns into an EP.  Or single.  

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