Kenny Chesney: Here and Now Album Review

8 Dec

It feels to me like Chesney knows the exact combination of elements to make a winning record.  And he’s combined them (as he always has) to make a good record.  What I’m not getting, is a lot of genuineness, authenticity, or enthusiasm for making music.  It all seems very detached and formulaic.  Also, this party guy is wearing thin, and feels a bit disingenuous to me.  I’d like to see an album with more introspective, that I can tell Chesney feels.

Beautiful World:  I thought this was a duet, and liked the layering of voices.  It’s either uncredited or Chesney layered over himself, but whichever is the case it sounds good.  I also like the sentiment of the song.

Guys Named Captain:  The song is too saccharine, but the twist at eh end is effective.  It’s the best thing about the song that it turns out it’s about Chesney’s own father.

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