My 1st Sweep for Kaylor Klues on Evermore

11 Dec

Here it is–easier to read!

Kaylor Evidence

I didn’t look at social media before I listened to the album for the express purpose of formulating my own options on the song meanings.

Willow;  Wherever you stray [my emphasis] I follow.  Wreck my plans.  Bait and Switch.  I’m wondering if part of this (the chorus? “Show me the places where the others gave you scars”) are sung from Karlie’s perspective.  Cut through like a knife.  Like you were a trouphy…  There was one prize I’d CHEAT to win.  I’ll meet you after dark.

Champagne Problems:   Bustlin’ crowds of sleeping cabs, don’t know which is worse.  Your heart was glass I dropped it.  Told your family for a reason, you couldn’t keep it in.  Your sister, now nobody’s celebrating.  Your midas touch.  Shame she’s stuck in her head.  I’m getting vibes that Karlie came out to her family, maybe friends, but Taylor was too hesitant and scared.  Love slipped beyond your reaches.  “I couldn’t give a reason”  I never was ready so I watched you go.  She would have made such a lovely bride… Something real instead.  I dropped your hand while dancin.

Gold Rush:  I think this might be Taylor’s first relationship where she wasn’t the obvious more publically desired partner.  Karlie had her own career, money, fans, and suitors.  What’s it like to grow up beautiful?  Everybody wants you.  Rose.  Turned you into folklore.  The coastal town we never found.  Sudden ending of song symbolizes the sudden ending of a relationship?

Tis the Damn Season:  I don’t think this is a Karlie song, but it does seem to be an ex from her hometown.  You can call me, babe, for the weekend.  The road not taken looks real good now and it always leads to you and my hometown.  So I’ll go back to L.A. The only soul who could tell which smiles I’m fakin’.  And the heart I know I’m breakin’ is my own.  I’m leavin’.  Mud on your truck tires.

Tolerate It:  I think most of this song may be about Taylor’s dad?  But there’s still some Kaylor-like references here.  Use my best colors for your portrait.  I take your indescredtions all in good fun.  My love should be celebrated, but you tolerate it.  Took this dagger in me and removed it. 

No Body No Crime:  The switching pronouns/subjects may make this into a metaphor at the end.   I think this crime song morphs maybe more into the love triangle situation. And the lesson–everyone is somewhat guilty.

Happiness:  Above the trees, harkens back to “Seven.”  Showed you all of my hiding spots.  I haven’t met the new me yet.  They’ll be happiness after you.  There was happiness past the blood and bruise.  This song has a quiet rage.  “I can’t see facts through all my fury.”  This song shows how Taylor has matured, and she says “I can’t make it go away by making you a villian.”  Taylor is not going to write one of her favorite fuck you broken up songs.  She can sit with the sadness, heartbreak, and anger, without lashing out.  There is happiness in our history.  I woulda loved you for a lifetime.  Tell me when did your winning smile begin to look like a smirk?  Begin to look like weapons pointed at my deepest hurt.  Leave it all behind.  I can’t make it go away by making you a villian.  I guess It’s the price I pay for 7 years of heaven.  Pillow where you used to lay your head.  No one teaches you what to do when a good man hurts you and you know you hurt him too.   Leave it all behind–and there is happiness.

Dorothea:  Not about Karlie, but there are some similarities.  When we were younger.  A tiny screens the only places I see you now.  Stars in your eyes.  I think Taylor uses this line several times on this album to convey someone thirsty for fame or money or status.  And I think that’s why a song about an old relationship pops up here.  This girl’s hunger to get out of town and be famous, makes Taylor think of Karlie, who is always chasing a bigger, greater life.  Tired of bein’ known for who you know.  In magazines.  You’ll go on with the show.

Coney Island: Did I shatter you?  Where did my baby go?  Sorry for not making you my centerfold.  Colder and colder when the sun goes down.  You were too polite to leave me.  Sorry for not winning you an arcade ring over and over.  Did I paint your bluest skies the darkest gray?  But when I walked up to the podium, I forgot to say your name.  I think that I forgot to say your name over and over.

Ivy:  My pain fits in the palm of your freezin’ hand.  My house of stone.  I want to know the fatal flaw…cursed. opal eyes.  Your hand…  It’s been promised to another.  What would he do if he found us out?  He’s gonna burn this house to the ground.  Compares Karlie to ivy.  I lived and died.  Fire, it’s a violent blaze in the dark.  You started it.  So yeah, it’s a war, and you started it.  Now I’m covered in you.

Cowboy Like Me:  You asked me to dance, and I said dancin is a dangerous game.  Now I know I’m never gonna love again.  Takes one to know one.  Never wanted love, just a fancy car.  Tellin’ all the rich folks everything they wanna hear.  Eyes full of stars, hustlin’ for the good life.  Skeletons in both our CLOSETS.  I really did believe I was the one.  Before I locked it down.  Gardens of Babylon (Queer as Folk referenced this hedistic place by calling their main club, Babylon).  Never gonna love again.

Long Story Short:  Golden gates they once held the keys to.

Marjorie:  The same sentiment of keeping a person within yourself, after they’ve passed away, applies to break ups too.  “What died didn’t stay dead, you’re alive in my mind” 

Closure;  Pain.  It’s not all right.  It cut deep to know you, right to the bone.  I know that it’s over.  Don’t treat me like a situration that needs to be handled.  I can feel you smoothing me over.  It sounds a lot like my tears and my beards and my candles…  We know Taylor’s a WINE drinker.  I know I’m just a wrinkle in your new life, stayin’ friends would iron it out so nice.  As someone who always follows the rule to just end things when it ends, I agree strongly with Taylor not wanting to give Karlie a pass, and not try to be friends.  Reaching across the sea you put between you and me. 

Evermore:  I’ve been down since July.  Can’t remember what I used to fight for.  All it does is pause on the very moment all lost.  Sending signals to be double-crossed.  Can not think of the cost or the things that will be lost. Our shipped wrecked.  In the cracks of light, I dreamed of you.  It was real enough to get me through.

Taylor wrote a whole ass album to give us Kaylors closure.  We were, afterall, her biggest supporters all this time, awknowledging and embracing her true story.  I’m sad it’s over, because at one point TAylor and Karlie looked so happy together, but I’m glad Taylor told us definitively that it was real–she even gives us 7 years, and that it’s for sure over.

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