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2020 Goal Progress & 2021 Maintenance Goals

1 Jan

Run at least 1 mile every day

I’ll do a special post tomorrow b/c it’s my in-a-row anniversary Jan 2.

Do strength workout

313 days of 365 = 85.8%

ab work

215 = 58.9%

drink 8-12 cups of water a day

8C = 107 = 29.3%

12C = 213 = 58.4%

107 + 213 = 87.7%

24 hr fast twice weekly

we only started fasting in Sept so I only have the last 4 mo of data.

19 of 16 weeks x2 = 32 opportunities = 59.4%


254 =69.7%

but every day for the last 193 days in a row!


97 = 26.6%


21 = 5.8%


125 = 34.2%

menu/grocery list/cooking

This one was beyond our control with the pandemic. We’ll have to start it all over once we’re vaccinated.

Overall Success:

run > water > strength > floss > fast > abs > write > read > draw

2021 Goals

1 Jan

See maintain for all the stuff we have been doing and need to just keep up or amp up now that the holidays are over.

  1. I need to quickly acknowledge and say just enough to move along at work. Not saying anything, and trying to ignore things made me have pent up frustration. Then I exploded inappropriately. But also, what is the point of getting upset every time? it’s only making me look worse and worse. I already know my manager is dumb and belligerent. And I already know my supervisor is arrogant, condescending, misogynistic, and sometimes dinky. I don’t need to be enraged anew each time I deal with them. And it’s not changing anything.

strategies for this:

rather than jumping right in, I need to take 5-10 min before I respond at all. Give my rational brain the chance to do the talking.

I need to process it with Cool prior to engaging with them

forget trying to make them see my point (neither listen anyway) I need to just keep it light and say OK! just to end it.

2. Play with the kitten more/better.

Time. Make it a priority. Put it in our routine. Make it an in-a-row. Do it early before it’s dark and before we’re tired.

Sometimes he won’t engage. try different color ball, or 2 at once. Try wand. Try the tunnels. Use catnip. Leash-train him so if nothing else we can walk him.

I can always add more later, but aside from keeping up all the stuff we’re already doing, these are the main 2.